And the Snakes Start to Sing

Album: Sempiternal (2013)
  • The band originally hired a choir to sing the song's chorus before keyboardist Jordan Fish persuaded Oliver Sykes to sing it instead. Sykes explained to Metal Hammer magazine: "We actually had a nightmare with this chorus. I never intended to sing on it - we hired a choir! A full-on choir; I thought it would be really cool to have a choir singing this spooky chorus, but it all ended up a bit Broadway, so it didn't work. So Jordan said that he thought I should try and sing it. It was the one song on the album that we were all a bit unsure about, but when we put [the chorus] in, it completed it."
  • This was the first song Bring Me The Horizon penned when they started writing Sempiternal, but it was also the last one they completed. Bassist Matt Kean explained to Sugarscape: "Half way through the writing process Jordan (Fish, keyboards) added strings and stuff to it and his little electronic bars, and then we left it for even longer and then as the last thing we wrote the vocals for it. We only finished it a week before we went to the studio, we just kept going back and tweaking it and stuff, but we were super happy with the way it came out."
  • Sykes is unwilling to divulge the song's meaning. He explained to The Sun that the lyrics "are so personal that they will mean nothing to anyone but my parents and me."


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