Football Season Is Over

Album: Suicide Season (2008)


  • The band's vocalist and lyricist, Oli Sykes, doesn't like football. The song's name comes from legendary gonzo journalist and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas author Hunter S Thompson. It was actually the title of his 2005 suicide note.
  • This features vocals by JJ Peters, the singer of Australian hardcore band Deez Nuts. Oli Sykes recalled to Kerrang!: "We all love that he is on that song, but we originally wanted Andrew W.K. to sing it. The lyrics, 'Party 'til you pass out. Drink 'til you're dead' was so like something he would sing, but we never got round to asking him."

    "When we played the Warped Tour in 2010, we befriended him, and it did come out and sing it a couple of times, which is pretty sweet. Everytime I think about that song I think about him now."
  • Oli Sykes told Kerrang!: "It didn't take long to write – I wrote all the lyrics while we were actually in the studio in Sweden recording it. The lyrics are just about partying and being lads, it's not too much of a serious song – and it was written and recorded when I was drunk, which you can probably tell."


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