If U Seek Amy

Album: Circus (2008)
Charted: 20 19


  • This is Spears' raunchiest tune to date mainly because its title is a sneaky way of saying "F--K Me." The song has upset a number of parents who bought Circus for their young children only to find them walking around the house singing what sounds like the F word. This clever wordplay isn't totally original; both Memphis Slim and April Wine have songs called "If You See Kay."
  • The "ha ha hee hee" chorus is appropriate to the album's carnival theme.
  • This was written by the Swedish songwriters Max Martin, Shellback and Alexander Kronlund, along with the Texan Savan Kotecha. Martin, who wrote and produced Spears' first hit "Baby One More Time," also produced this track.
  • An edited version called "If U See Amy" was quickly released when some radio stations refused to play the original. >>
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  • Co-writer Savan Kotecha comes from a very traditional Indian family. He recalled to Music Business Worldwide their horrified reaction when this song was released:

    "My mum saw it and she called me and was like [upset voice]: 'My friend's son is becoming a doctor. And my son? My son is writing pop songs about sex!!!'

    Then my dad got on the line and was like, 'You're being indecent.' I wasn't allowed to have a girl call my house until I was an adult. So maybe a lot of pent-up sexual stuff comes out in my songs… and that's quite a foreign thing to my parents."

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  • Christina from DelawareIf parents got upset cuz of the hidden meaning in the song, then that’s their problem.
  • Max Sosa from Palmetto Bay, FlI am really late to this game but I positive "BS's" true intention rather the obvious F*CK ME is that she saying that the media or public scrutiny are constantly and relentlessly F*CKING [ME] HER. The video even begins with a TV news anchor speaking the title over a chyron that reads, "Britney Spears Song Lyrics Spell Out Obscenity in Disguise," so there's no possibility that "BS" is trying to sneak something by us all using tactics used by many great writers such as English literary god William Shakespeare who used a similar trick. In the Twelfth Night, Olivia's butler Malvolio receives a letter written by Maria but in Olivia's handwriting; analyzing the script, Malvolio says, "By my life, this is my lady's hand. These be her very C's, her U's and her T's and thus makes she her great P's." With the "and" sounding like N, Shakespeare not only spells out c--t but gets pee in there as well. Unfortunately or fortunately depends on where you stand with "BS" she did not write the lyrics to that song. Luckily, "BS" has people around her that are that clever. Sorry folks, I think you all missed the real point of the song. Some more than most just because of shear [fill-in-your-blank] for "BS". When you can't listen to a song objectively regardless of the artist you really missing the point of music. You never know, it's those songs that could be covered by your favorite bands or artists at some point. I am neither for or against "BS". I have nothing against her. She's never done anything to me and if I like some of her songs so be it. What's the crime in that!?! For the parents, yes, I believe you should filter out age appropriate material regardless of what it is movie, music etc. A song isn't going to corrupt your child. It is those parents that we should fear the most because it's that exact behavior that puts the focus where it should not be at in the first place and that is usually the problem. As a parent, if you feel that strongly about it listen to the album on iTunes prior to purchasing it. I can be wrong because I don't pay too much attention to that part but aren't albums rated similar to tv and movies as to age appropriateness. What I typically find but not always is that the more focus and the more you want to hide, keep from, no matter the intention, which is usually from a good place, that at the end, it will usually bite you in the ass because most kids will do it anyways. It usually just causes resentment which usually turns into rebellion whether introverted or extroverted. So who's to blame if your worst fears coming true? It's about balance and structure not so much the material within reasonable limits. Now parents don't be running into school complaining about Shakespeare if this work of art is on the syllabus!! Because I hardly think I let the cat out of the bag. It's called doing your homework. Isn't that what you ask your children to do every day after school? It's at your fingertips - it is that iPhone or Android or Blackberry you carry with you. Now, I am a normal sane person, so I am not directing this to all parents because that would just be ignorant of me. As in everything including parenthood, it is a spectrum with many variables. So if you think I am talking to you then that's your problem. I don't even know you. Please remember this is a post so read and take with a grain of salt then go to the bathroom lock the door and put in the ear buds listen to a "BS" song, dance like Madonna and have fun BITCHES!!! NO ONE'S WATCHING!!! It's all about debating. Without communication, there is no human evolution!! Remember that until we are all far more superior it's also spectrum with infinite variables!!!
  • Adam from Saint Albans, Wvwhat does the song mean? all these comments and not one tells this
  • Chris from West Poin, VaO lol I got it I listen to it over and over it didn't even make since at first. If you seek amy she says it fast so it sounds like f-u-c-k me like she is spelling it out
  • Emma from Boring, OrWho the hell buys britany spears for their kids?
  • Linda from Germantown, MdTruthfully, people who are arguing over Britney Spears' songs, just cihll! Dang, if you don't like it, why bitch and listen? Oh, yeah, you're trying to get the truth out. Well most people who listen to her are her FANS so I don't think we care. Please just let it go and live your life.
  • Mike from Matawan, NjThe beauty of this crap? She's gotta be just about played out. I can't imagine this broad has much left in her. All her music is inspid and either a rip-off or completely derivative. She is to art and music what Chef Boy-R-Dee is to international cusine.

    Violet: take out the nose ring, take a bath, take that job at Perkins and get some desperately needed parenting. Oh, and don't drop out of Middle School just yet.
  • Jerry from Brooklyn, NyI can't believe I am devoting so much time to this piece of drivel but the posts here betray a deeper problem. Our culture, our civlization and our character are reflected in the things we value and treasure. When we value songs and books and movies that are non-stop strings of obscenities, we are showing ourselves as a culture that lacks respect for our civilzation and character. That everybody uses "vulgar" words is not the point and surely not a justification. We can , as a country and a culture, rise above the slime and become better than the sleeze that surrounds us. If we cna't do that, there not much hope for the future.
  • Jerry from Brooklyn, NyViolet: As a matter of fact, I AM 60 (62, really) but you seem to forget that it was MY generation that started the sexual revolution in music and movies. It is NOT the sexual references I object to, it is the sordid and sleezy way in which it is presented. Look at the comment below mine, from fellow Brooklynite Jay. I know this person and he is considerably under 60. Sex is not the problem, it is the marketing of sex as if it were not something that is most private between two individuals. Too may people such as yourself think that ANYTHING GOES (check out that Cole Porter reference). There is a lot of sexual references in Porter's lyrics, but they are subtle, elegant and literate. Or, consider Porter's contemporary, Lorenz Hart: "When he speaks, he is seeking, things to get off his chest. Horizontally speaking, he's at his very best." Too subtle for you? I bet Britney wouldn't get it!
  • Kelly from Hollygrove, LaSeriously people, almost all music these days has "bad words" or volgure lyrics. GETOVERIT! you here the song birthday sex on the radio. its not that big of a deal. dont like it? DONT LISTEN TO IT. dont want your kids listening to it? CHANGE IT. i really dont think its that big of a deal. just get over it and move on.
  • Tricia from Rockville Centre, NyThis is by far the WORST song Britney ever sang! Nevermind the F**k me bit...she just keeps on repeating over and over and over BABY, BABY is the southern twangny irking voice. Please if you had to torture me...this would be the song to do so! TOTALLY HORRIBLE!!!
  • Zep from Cape May, NjMost songs from the late 60s make more sense then this piece of .....
    Seriously, could some one please make them shut the heck up?
  • Violet from Indianapolis, InJerry from brooklyn... yeah ok, like anyone thinks anything Britney Spears has to say is soooo important. And like you said, " what our words mean is always important because that is how we communicate what kind of people we are." Well thats HER singing the words, you have a rock over your head if your surprised she sang that song. I wouldnt be surprised if you were 60 years old cuz you OBVIOULSY are stuck in another time..... its 2009, everything isnt prim and proper anymore. And if your gonna break down every song thats on the radio, you might at well just shut it off and lock yourself in your house since almost everything now these days has a sexual reference to it...... your stuck in a time warp
  • Kelly from Levittown, PaThis song is just kind of stupid.... ok, so she's saying F*** Me. But what does the song mean??? The lyrics don't even make any sense. What happened to the days when songs had meaning.
  • Matt from Houston, TxPaulette, honest to god, I think it should be whoever wants the cd to have the freedom to listen to it. Homework?! come on! 1. it's called freedom of expression. 2. It's britney spears, what did you expect 3. "she's not 16". why don't you try hannah montana. This goes to all cautios parents who shoot this song down because of devious nature, THERE ARE A LOT MORE WORSE THINGS THEY COULD BE EXPOSED TO. otherwise try to get past your selfrightious ignorance. sometimes, it's the only way to learn things by making blunders.
  • Christi from Atlanta, GaReally? Get over it. No one is making you or your kids listen to it. I'm a parent. You know who I'm going to blame when my kids are singing a song like this? Me! Because it is the parent's job to teach them morals and values. Not their friends and not Britney Spears. Change the station.
  • Paulette from Miami, FlI feel this song might be inappropriate, but she is a grown adult its not like she is a 16 year old child. Its parent's responsibility they should have looked at the CD and done there homework before they bought their child a CD. No sense in arguing but she is one of the artists that are defining our new generation. She has grown in the music industry and has made her name already.
  • Clovis from Boca Raton, FlWhen Britney sings, she sounds like a 5 year old with nasal problems. She has only two things going for her, and they're both surgically enhanced!
  • Jerry from Brooklyn, NyViolet -- you are a prime example of the kind of mental and social curruption that a no-talent like Spears creates. It is perfectly okay to use naughty words? No, because words do influence, even the moronic ramblings of Spears. Actually, I kind of doubt she wrote this; she doesn't impress me to be clever enough even to make such a raunchy joke. What it is MEANT to sound like IS important, what our words mean is always important because that is how we communicate what kind of people we are. If you don't see that, you've got a lot of growing up to do. Some day, we can hope, you will realize what a no-talent fake Spears actually is
  • Jay from Brooklyn, NyMany years ago, Cole Porter, one of the most gifted songwriters this country has ever produced, wrote: "Good authors too, who once knew better words/ Now only use four letter words/ Writing prose/ Anything goes." Britney Spears' sophomoric piece of drivel is unworthy of notice or contempt. Anyone who thinks the lyrics are clever or that they were not meant to be obscene is worthy of pity.
  • Cynthia from Burlington, NcI think the song can be taken to mean one or two ways perhaps both.Either she wants to have an affair
    with another girl and who could blame her or she's
    talking about herself.Is she desperately herself or "Desperately Seeking Susan" I'm sure Madonna doesn't mind.zelda47, Burlington,NC
  • Violet from Indianapolis, InThe whole "up roar" about this song is just crazy. F*ck me is NOT the same of the song, its IF YOU SEEK AMY.... who cares what its MEANT to sound like or mean... that depends on the person who listening to it. And if parents are soooooo upset over buying an album with this song on it, they are freakin retarded, since Britney has has SO MUCH CONTROVERSY over so many more things in the past... and their gonna worry about this song corrupting their kids??? To all those people out there who have a problem with it, get a hobby and change the radio station... PERIOD
  • Chelsea from Centreville, VaThis song is so addicting it has been stuck in my head all day
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