The Lost Get Found

Album: The Lost Get Found (2009)


  • This is the first single and title track from Christian pop rock artist Britt Nicole's sophomore album.
  • Nicole told New Release Tuesday the story behind the song: "I have been a youth leader for about four years at a church in Franklin, Tennessee. I love it. It's a big part of my life and my heart. The kids have blessed me and ministered to me more than I've ministered to them. We were attending a conference at a place called The Ramp in Alabama. There were about 2,000 kids in attendance and my brother is actually the worship leader. We go there often as a youth group and worship God together, see dramas and listen to preachers.

    At the end of the weekend, I was worn out and ready for God to pour something into me. I don't remember having a specific encounter during the conference where God came and said something to me, but during the 3-hour drive back to Tennessee, God was challenging me to reach out and talk to people and tell them that God loves them. There were moments when I did and moments when I didn't."

    Nicole added: "The song is really based on an event that came a week later after that conference. I was at the mall and there was a lady at the register that God was challenging me to talk to. I kind of stood there and thought too much. When the Holy Spirit tells you to move, you need to act and not delay. The lady walked away and I was mad at myself for not acting on God's urge to talk to that lady. I wondered what was it that God wanted me to tell that lady? I was selfish and was thinking of myself and I was disappointed in myself. A couple of days later, I was writing songs with Ben Glover and I told his wife about that situation in the mall. She told me that God was working on her in the same way and she is trying to be a light to others that she knows.

    While writing the song, Ben and I had trouble coming up with anything for at least an hour, so we prayed together and Ben looked up and said "the lost get found." I know that was it. Jesus tells us that he'll leave the 99 righteous to find that 1 lost person. "The Lost Get Found" is about our need to be bold and listen to the Holy Spirit."

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  • Mike from Norwalk, CtWhat a great song. Inspiring me to really tell people about the Lord.
  • Cynthia from Oregon, Orshe is inspiring
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