Reason To Believe


  • This is the last song on Nebraska, which Springsteen recorded on a 4-track tape deck. Intended as a demo for the band to work with, he decided that this and the other songs he recorded sounded best as they were and it became his first solo album.
  • "Reason To Believe" is also the title of a Tim Hardin song that became a hit for Rod Stewart.
  • Springsteen recorded two takes into his home tape deck. One had an extra verse.
  • Springsteen didn't tour for the Nebraska album, so the first time he played this song in concert was on the Born In The U.S.A. tour two years later.
  • This is another Springsteen song that refers to a road in New Jersey, in this case Highway 31. "Spirit In The Night" and "Born To Run" also mention specific Jersey roads.

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  • Kyle from Dunedin, New Zealandhey guys - Kyle William here as well. Bruce mentions Kyle William was taken to the river to wash away his sins - Why would a baby have any sins?? Either way, when I first heard this as a 12 year old I thought it was some kind of spooky coincidence. I am from New Zealand and there aint that many Kyle William's over here...But in the US its obviously a different story! Love Bruce's work, first time I heard Racing in the Streets Iw as hooked. Cheers!
  • Kyle from Schaumburg, Ilin the song, bruce sings about a boy named Kyle William. my parents actually liked the name and named me after it. my first name is Kyle and my middle is William, so this song kind of has a secret meaning to me.
  • Kyle from Belleville, CanadaGreat song, catchy but delivers a stern message.
  • Kyle from New York, NyThis is an amazing song...and not only because my name is Kyle William and I am named after this song.
  • Scott from St. Louis, MoSimply a masterpiece. It sums up everything I believe about life. Bruce gives me, and many others I'm sure, reason to believe.
  • Josh from Terre Haute, InListen to the version on the live boxset. Awesome version of this song.
  • Adrian from Kingston, CanadaAmazing song. Reminds me of Devils and Dust.
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