Album: Let It Rip (2009)
  • Sports stars and other personalities sometimes venture into music where unfortunately prowess in one field is no guarantee of prowess or even good sales in the other. The Bryan Brothers - Bob and Mike - are one of the most successful doubles teams in the history of tennis. They also dabble in music, and in 2009 released an album, Let It Rip, featuring "Autograph," with guest vocals by star players Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.
  • On August 13, 2010, one of the questions for the contestants on the BBC TV celebrity quiz show Would I Lie to You? was last year Andrew Murray recorded a rap song called "Autograph" but it sold only 200 copies: true or false? Although Murray is the best tennis player Scotland has ever produced and arguably the best British player of all time, certainly of the modern era, he has the demeanor of an undertaker, and it is difficult to visualize him giving Eminem or Ice Cube headaches.

    Unfortunately, the answer to the question is yes: according to the Murraysworld website, the star "agreed to add his vocal talents [sic] to [the] song" which was written by Bob and Mike Bryan. The subject matter is self-evident.

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  • Murray and Djokovic's verses are pretty tame and really do seem to be about the strains of signing autographs, but the Bryan Brothers turn it into a song about groupies, making it the only song we've ever heard about tennis groupies.

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  • Fulunuchi from Volfugsugz, SwitzerlandIt's about sex. Just say it's not that hard.
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