A Place Where You Belong


  • This track has a "see you on the other side" theme. Vocalist Matt Tuck told The Aquarian Weekly the story behind the song: "It was an idea which I was thinking about last June, me and my girlfriend had separated for a month and now we are back together now. We just had a child recently, which is cool, but the way it ended for that month was kind of bad. I was kind of a douchebag and it ended a completely wrong way and I wasn't a gentleman about it. I will always regret that, and it just got me thinking that life is too short, and I'd never be able to forgive myself if something had happened to her during that month. So I just started to write about that, but it wasn't powerful enough, so I had to take it to an extreme where people go, 'F--k, those lyrics are really dark.' The song was influenced by that scenario and I just had to take it off somewhere to make it really, really powerful."


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