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  • This single from Venom was premiered live during Bullet for My Valentine's headlining performance at the Camden Rocks Festival in London on May 30, 2015.
  • The track features honest lyrics from Matt Tuck as he sings of battling negative emotions and feeling like he is trapped in his own destructive hell. Regarding how it feels to be putting himself out like that in a song, the vocalist told GigsAndFestivals.com, "That's part of what a lyricist should be doing, y'know? Writing about something that means something to you, regardless of how happy or dark it is. As long as it's relevant, heartfelt, and it comes across well in the song. It's a very dark song lyrically, and that's kind of what made us who we were in the first place. It's something that we've always done and something that I feel I'm good at."
  • Tuck told Kerrang!: "The song is one that developed as we were going along, and it couldn't be more different from anything we've done, I think ever. But at the same time, I think it just has that identity and that edginess that made the band what it was in the first place."
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