Baby Come Home
by Bush

Album: The Sea of Memories (2011)


  • This is a track from Bush's fifth studio album, Sea Of Memories. The record was originally titled Everything Always Now; frontman Gavin Rossdale explained to Spinner UK the thinking behind the change. He said: "Well, the excellent R.E.M. and Duran Duran both had album titles with the word 'now' being central in those, and it seemed ironic to call the record 'Everything Always Now' and then delay the record by eight to 10 months. It was too much irony, even for an Englishman. When I'm in the studio, I enjoy making records with some idea of what the record's called, toward the end or something. But it's really good to work under that umbrella. And when I went in to do that second batch of writing, which is about the third batch of writing for the record, that popped out. It's one of the lines from a song called 'Baby Come Home.'

    It's one of those things where it almost decided itself for me. I didn't have any option in a weird way. 'Everything Always Now' with the R.E.M. one and the Duran Duran one, it seemed like I was third in line there, so I just thought of something different. It occurred to me, in trying to push forward creatively, it shouldn't be overly self-conscious. But, you really want to make sure you carry your life experiences and observations with you. It's the job of a writer, whether it's autobiographical or fictional or whether you're observing someone, so it occurred to me that all of us exist on a sea of memories and everything we gauge is based upon our previous relationship or connection to those things. And therefore, it seemed so powerful and it seemed so right. It just cascades like fireworks of potential from it, of what it could be and how it could be understood. That's quite a valuable thing within a title."
  • The song's music video was directed by Todd Stefani, who is the younger brother of No Doubt singer and Gavin Rossdale's wife at the time, Gwen Stefani. It was Stefani's first full length video, though the band had worked with him on a number of occasions previously. Rossdale explained the clip's concept to Spinner: "The 'Baby Come Home' video is the story of two people, disconnected and lost in the city; unable to find the right words to stay together," he said. "They find comfort in their passions. It stars Katherine Cowgill from the Los Angeles Ballet and was filmed in downtown Los Angeles - the original 'city of dreams.'"


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