Respect My Conglomerate
by Busta Rhymes (featuring Jeezy & Jadakiss)

Album: Back on My B.S (2009)
  • This song, which was co-produced by Dr Dre, features the rappers Young Jeezy and Jadakiss. Rhymes explained to MTV News why he chose the two "Stellar MCs" for this track: "When I got the beat from Focus - Focus [originally] produced the joint - I just heard real classic, conventional MCing because of the boom bap that the beat had. I felt like, 'Who's a credible combination of MCs that could bring the best out of the beat?' " He added: "A lot of times when I make a song and think of the artists I wanna do it with, I don't really do it for the novelty of the name or affiliation. I do it for the bringing out the better of the record. 'Who is gonna do the record justice sonically based on the feeling of the song when it's a finished product?' When I called Jeezy to do it, I didn't know what Jeezy was gonna do on the record. But I knew Jeezy could rhyme. I knew the feeling I've gotten from Jeezy on a lot of his own records. I know sometimes I've gotten the feeling in clubs or in the studio or in the car when one of his songs came on, I felt I wished some of them songs were mine. Jadakiss did the same thing [for me]. Those artists are stellar to me. Stellar MCs. I'm about rhymes first. That's the cloth I'm cut from."
  • The single release featured Lil Wayne, who replaced Jeezy on the album version.
  • This was also an iTunes bonus track off Jadakiss's The Last Kiss album.
  • The guest vocalist on the chorus is Debbie Coda from London, England.
  • Jadakiss and Lil Wayne are two of several guest stars who have cameos as part of Busta's circle of bosses. In the music video, which was directed by Chris Robinson. Busta explained to MTV News: "The concept of the video is basically about how we had a get together and gathering of the most prestigious diplomats, consiglieres, boss of bosses, and we met at a roundtable and negotiated. Everybody has a type of partnership or investment made in a microchip I possessed, which was going to determine the wealth of individual people overall once caste society is done."
    Jadakiss added: "This is probably one of the best joints. [My videos] 'Can't Stop Me,' 'Letter to Big' and this one right here are probably the best three videos I ever shot in my life. It's a lot of love on the set. Chris knows what to capture. Bus got a lot of energy; Weezy got a lot of energy. Kiss got a lot of personality. I'm just one of the bosses that's got my own conglomerate. Young Money is Weezy's conglomerate. And Flipmode is Busta's conglomerate. We just bringing that to the table. The strength is in the numbers. You heard?"


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