If Our Love is Wrong

Album: Only Human (2018)
  • Calum Scott is gay, a fact that he wanted to keep hidden for a long time. His struggles with his sexuality were the inspiration for this song. The singer explained to HMV.com:

    "My sexuality is the biggest struggle I've had in my life, especially my in teens and my only 20's, I felt afraid and I know I was disliked for my sexuality. It told a while for me to come to terms with it, writing this album has made me happy and made me feel empowered to live as a gay man. Two years if you'd asked me if I was gay, I would have said no. Saying that now, that's just scary. I know I'm not the only one who has felt like that. If I can help anyone who's in the same boat, I'm so happy."
  • Scott originally was going to title his debut album 'If Our Love is Wrong' before switching to Only Human. He explained his change of mind:

    "It was a bit of a head turner. It did feel controversial. But it's an album about sexuality and about coming out, even if it's not a coming out album in specific terms. I just hope people can use it for positive means. I wanted to take people on a journey and I spent such a long time on the tracklisting, almost being scientific about how the songs flow. I know The Beatles spent a huge amount of time on their sequencing and how you were hit with the highs and lows of a record, I wanted to do the same.

    It's more than a collection of songs. Everything is how I feel. Heartbreak, jealousy, sadness, optimism, every human feeling. I love the phrase Only Human, we're people, we're not programmed, all these feelings are normal, you can't help how you feel."


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