Album: Romance (2019)
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  • This sprawling song is about falling for someone who gives you the confidence to love yourself. Camila Cabello talks about being self-conscious about her physical appearance ("crooked teeth," "stretch marks all around my thighs") and character deficiencies ("indecisive," "fickle" and a tendency to "overthink"). But her lover adores her flaws, and that makes it easier to feel good about herself.
  • Cabello said about the song on Instagram: "I think before you open up to someone you always feel scared that once they see all the stuff you don't like about yourself, all the things you're insecure about, that they won't like you anymore - and when someone sees those things and loves you not only in spite of them, but because of them, it makes you feel truly seen for who you are , and loved for who you are too."
  • Cabello may have got the idea for the self-worth tune from a similar one she co-wrote with Ryan Tedder and Zack Skelton. That song was "Ain't Easy," which was recorded by Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine for the first season of the Canadian reality music competition The Launch. Released on January 17, 2018, it peaked at #38 on the Canadian Hot 100.

    When Tedder played a demo of "Ain't Easy" to the competitors, it featured vocals from Cabello, during which she confessed:

    Baby, loving me ain't easy
    But you're doing it just the same
  • Camila Cabello performed "Easy" on the October 12, 2019 episode of Saturday Night Live. Wearing a silk white dress, she sung the song backed by a powerful guitar with a spotlight shining on her.


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