She Loves Control

Album: Camila (2018)
Charted: 40


  • This song finds a brassy Camila Cabello flaunting her total confidence and command. She told NPR's Michel Martin it is her favorite track off of Camila, explaining, "I think that in that point of my life I just felt really free and independent, and I was having a blast making this album and thinking about all of the stuff I wanted to do for it and coming up with all of the world around it... It was very refreshing for me to have that control."
  • The song was inspired by Cabello achieving "creative control" after leaving Fifth Harmony. She told Beats 1: "I basically wrote it about this time in my life where I just loved having control. Control creatively, control of my life, my decisions, control of my time. I wrote it knowing it could be about whatever you wanted it to be, but for me that's where it stemmed from. Me, loving having control over my life. I have a lot of young girl fans, I love the idea of them singing 'She Loves Control…' it's just a bossy way to live life. Everybody wants to have control."
  • Camila Cabello revealed during a fan Q&A that this song started with "She Loves Control" as a title, then she wrote the chorus with her collaborators to a guitar. Finally, the EDM producer Skrillex "came in and turned it around."


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