Chasin' Me

Album: Chasin' Me EP (2019)


  • In this song, a guy is in hot pursuit of country singer Caroline Jones, and she welcomes the chase. She likes him, but he's going to have to catch her before he gets a shot.

    "It's a song I wrote about the kind of love that I want and believe in, and the kind of man that I want," Jones said in a Songfacts interview. "It speaks to a lot of the more traditional, old-fashioned, romantic values that aren't really that trendy or popular anymore, but that I still really believe in."

    These values aren't common to Greenwich, Connecticut, where Jones grew up, but she was raised country by a dad who came from Memphis.
  • This isn't a song the #MeToo movement will embrace anytime soon, but Jones finds it empowering. "I think it's beautiful that in this day and age we have more choices and more options to decide what we want in a relationship and in a romance," she told Songfacts. "For me personally, I'm not a casual person in any aspect of my life. In every aspect of my life I'm pretty deliberate and focused, whether it's in my music or in personal relationships."
  • The music video was directed by Paul Boyd and stars Cody Walker (Paul Walker's brother) as the leading man. He very literally chases her to Zion National Park in Utah and then to Big Sur in California, where he finally gets the girl. Jones says the video is a metaphor for building of trust in a relationship.

    The video is a sequel to the one for Jones' song "The Difference," where Cody pursues her up the East Coast.


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