Eagles Lyrics Quiz

by Amanda Flinner

Most of us are sad it's true
Still we must go on

Glenn Frey's lyrics for "Most Of Us Are Sad" certainly resonated with Eagles fans who mourned Frey, a primary vocalist, guitarist and lyricist for the band, who died on January 18, 2016. Many of them came to Songfacts wanting to remember songs by Frey and his bandmates, so we offer this Eagles Lyrics Quiz.
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  • Ed Galura from Manila, PhilippinesI've been listening to the Eagles since I was 17 years old. I'm 63 now and I can't forget all these lyrics.
  • Shannon from Cheney, Wa10/10. My favorite band of all time. I like to play games online and my game name is Peaceful Easy Feelin’. They have so many songs I love that it’s hard to pick a favorite.
  • Shannon from Oceanside CaCrazy about The Eagles. Aced the quiz.
  • Gary J. Jones from Joliet, IlI may not be able to identify my backyard birds, but I know my Eagles.
  • Kevin De Schrijver from Belgium7/3 Love the Eagles but don't know the lyrics all that well...except Hotel California (the album)
  • Gerianne from Northern N.y 9/10. Hit the wrong dot; knew it was Hotel California. Love the Eagles. Always have. Wish I could have seen them live.
  • Mark from Omaha got them all. Played a lot of them and have seen them numerous times over 40 yrs.
  • Pam from NebraskaNailed it! My favorite band of all time!
  • Annette from Wisconsin Missed one but that’s ok. I like their music anyway
  • Gina from IndianaAll ten correct
  • Makenzie Lund from Utahi got 10 out of 10
  • Denise A. from Usa Love the Eagles. Got 9 out of 10, hit wrong response on one question. All great songs.
  • Paul D from England Been listening to Eagles since I was 13, 59 now. Got me through the happy, sad, mad, bad times. Managed to see them live 5 times. Just love them.
  • Vendra Chapman from Does It MatterGrew up to the Eagles music, and have loved their music (and Don Henley) almost all my life. Did not know the "Hole in the World" song though.
  • Marilyn M from Fayetteville ArDesperado album is still perfect. Part of me is my all time Glenn song. RIPi
  • Jess from Pelham, NyGot 100 but 2 lucky guesses, so not that impressive.
  • Debbie from WinnipegLove this band
  • Annb from Mississippi Im ashamed of myself
  • D from Oregon Gettin’ old memory goin, should have aced it 7/10
  • Travler from West-by-god10 fer 10! But it "Was" pretty easy! Too many great Eagles tunes to name! 2 of my faves.....The Last Resort...and Their version of Tom Waitts "Old 55" !... "Lickety Splikety"!
  • Mariog from Toronto CanadaBest Band EVER
  • Lisa B. from Western Ny I'm a huge Eagles fan! I've been listening since I was a little girl in the 70's. My dad had all their records and played them all the time. I saw them twice on their History tour. Cleveland in '13, and Buffalo in '15. They're my favorite band. 9/10. I got "Hole in the World" wrong. I'm off my game this morning! Ha!
  • Don from Upstate Ny10 for 10. Favorite Eagles song(s) between Desperado and Hotel California. Underrated we’re Sad Cafe and After The Thrill Is Gone. They’re just the best.
  • Kimberly Mccoy Willett from Louisville, Kentucky Love the Eagles! I’ve seen them in concert 3 times;
    Louisville, Ky., 1977, Freedom Hall
    Las Vegas, Nevada, 2013
    Louisville, Ky., 2014
    I missed two of the questions, but, I shouldn’t have missed any!
  • Johnny from Newberry Springs, Calif.Didn't miss one, bring on more. I've often said I know more about the Eagles, then the Eagles do. Best band ever!
  • Matt from Arlington, Texas10 for 10 Eagles fan till I die!!
  • 80s Grrl from State Of Disbelief5/10
  • John from Nashville, TennesseeACED IT!!!
  • Rachel from FloridaEmbarrassed to admit I missed 1. My favorite band and favorite music of all time. And hey, to those saying "loved"...they're still going strong! Won't be the same without Glen but will always be fabulous! Just got my tickets to my 5th show and can't wait.
  • Gordy Nelson from Henderson LaGreat quiz! Should have done better, got 7 outta 10. Seen The Eagles twice. In 2002 and again in 2104 with my wife. One of the best shows you will ever go to hands down and I️ have been fortunate to see quite a few in my lifetime. Looking forward to seeing them with Deacon and Vince Gill. RIP Glenn Fry
  • R. J. from OhioGot them all!!! I'm 62 and the eagles are my 2nd fav of all time. Temptations, Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire and The Spinners round out ny top 5.
  • Dave from CaliforniaVery fun quiz...brings back a lot of memories
  • Richard Meehan from Atlanta, Ga.The eagles have always been my favorite!
  • Glenn from Sydney"Felder wrote a small music part of Hotel California."

    The music is rather significant on that tune; it's an iconic opening. Props to Felder for an outstanding job!

    Almost as impressive is the new intro to the song Felder wrote - at short notice - for the "Hell Freezes Over" performance.
  • Mike from Michigan I was shocked about Glynn Frey another great Michigan talent. R I P
  • Brian W. from Dayton OhioThat was a very interesting piece you put together about the Eagles. Thank you.
  • Jim from New Haven, CtI nailed 'em all. Was always an Eagles fan.
  • Terry Loder from IowaMissed 1; Hole in the World. Eagles wrote good music, monster lyrics and harmonies so tight it ought to be illegal. Loved this band.
  • David from Dallas, TxI got three wrong. I loved the Eagles music. I was born in 1965
  • Jp from IowaFelder wrote a small music part of Hotel California. Henley and Frey wrote the words.
  • Lauren from Indianapolis Indiana I got two wrong. Yet, I love the Eagles and devoured them in my late arrival to the teens, as I was BORN in 1976. Classic good rock and roll NEVER FALLS TO FAR from ears that need to hear it. Timeless and magical.
  • Marla from FloridaBest songs ever!
  • Patrick from Alabama10 of 10. Got any more? Also saw them first time on Hell Freezes Over tour. Never forget Don Felder playing Hotel California on that white double neck with the gold eagle on it. It was kind of hsrd to see with the tears in my eyes...tears of happiness!
  • Carla Turner from Mingo Jct. Oh.9 our of 10 ..n the one I got wrong is the one from 1994 Get Over It.. ...I don't kno why I loved the song ..I guess I just didn't listen to them like I did when I was young!!! Lol
  • Jc Weed from Here, There And Everywhere10 4 10 !!! Nailed it....
  • Tom Trively from Clemson, ScNailed it! 10 for 10. This group was pure magic, through all the iterations. I saw them for the first time on the Hell Freezes Over tour. Started with Don Felder waking out with his white double neck playing the first notes of "Hotel California", and there was no sitting after that.... a full outdoor venue singing every word. Best show I will ever see.
  • Carma from FloridaMusic trivia... gotta love it! Happy 2017 Amanda!
  • Gary from Los AngelesSaw them at Anaheim Stadium in 1977 and again on the last tour while Glen was alive in 2014. Bernie joined them for old times' sake - so cool. I only wish Fingers Felder was not on their sh!t list and was able to join in - so much bitterness over such BS. RIP Glen. Oh, of course I got 100% - I mean, really?
  • Mark Jones from Rep Ireland I Got 9 out off 10 Seen Them in Ireland a good few Years ago Great band Glen Frey Don Henley Great songwriters Joe Walsh Timothy b Schmit. Glenn Frey RIP Will Be Singing Upstairs.
  • Patricia Holmes from Sherburn- In- Elmet North Yorkshire UkI got 2 wrong...but I Am 74 and have a short term memory problem...that's my excuse
  • Jill from Ny100%! Easy.
  • Edie Shaw from ColoradoWe need more of these! They have many, many years of music to draw from!!!
  • Jayeff from AustraliaInteresting
  • Michael from Taylor,mlLove it,got em all correct
  • Dianne from Oshawa Ontario, CanadaThe Eagles were my favorite band of the 1970's and I was so sad to hear the news of Glen this past January passing away. I never got to see them in person, but I wish I had.
  • Linda Houchin from Bellevue NeVery good.
  • Steve from Ma.Easy. Got em all baby.
  • Jan Peter from NetherlandsGlenn Frey ! We miss you
  • Joanne from New YorkLove the Eagles!!!!!!
  • Robert Wyatt from Va Beach VaGot them all right
  • Cindy from Ohio--usa100% Eagle fan! Forever!
    Love n miss you Glenn Frey, RIP bro.
    Always missed. Never forgotten
    ???? 4 ever
  • Jamie Tracy from Excelsior Springs Mo.got them all
  • Bernie from Hyde Park, N.y.I saw the Eagles Live twice, once in 75 with Seals&Croft and Poco.And the other in 80 with Heart and The Little River Band.I missed 1 Hole in the World.You wouldn't think so being from N.Y. and the song about 9/11. And specifically that I marched in N.Y.City's Labor Day Parade a week before the Twin Towers were hit, but I don't recall that song. Gotta go Amanda and thanks. I have to look up that song. Peace and Love!
  • Corrie from Holland1wrong.... Not bad for a Dutch girl.
  • Bob Valentine from Wentzville Mo.That's was great, only missed one
  • Geri from New ZealandConsidering this is more my parent's music than mine, I think only 2 wrong is not a bad effort.
  • Uncle Ray from Lancaster, Pa"What a nice surprise..."
  • Theresa from MassachusettsI got them all correct! R.I.P. Glenn Frey. You will be forever remembered and cherished through your incredible music.
  • Charlene from Canada Well I got all of them right, I love my Eagles. There will never be another band like them!!!
  • K.c. from NhWow...I guess I'm a bigger Eagles fan than I thought: I got 100%!
  • Lisa from GlasgowTake it easy which one sang it please this means so so much to me pleeeez
  • Mike from New ZealandLike Kev from Amsterdam I got the same one wrong but I Will Get Over It! What will take a lot longer to get over is the tragic loss of Glenn. Such a beautiful talent. R.I.P.Glenn There's music in heaven all right.
  • Msr from Sarasota, FloridaGot ONE right! The Eagles are my all time favorite band.
    Glen Henley, Don Walsh, and Joe Frey were the BEST.
  • Burke Nickerson from Wheeling, WvI had a good friend we used get together with a fire some beer and listen to the Eagles all night long. Sometimes we would get our friends together build a huge fire and talk about the old times and listen to the Eagles. Thank you for the memories
  • Kaya Celeste Wilde from Vashon Island, WaFavorite band since they started (I'm dating myself, ha ha!). Peaceful journey, Glenn. Thank you and all of your band mates for the comfort, lessons and enjoyment with which you've graced my life. <3
  • Russell from Wurtulla Queensland Australialove music trivia, VERY GOOD
  • John from Madison Heights, Vadon henley's birthday is a week after mine
  • James from CaWell, I only got one wrong. Well done Amanda
  • Kev Marland from Amsterdam, NetherlandsJust got "Get over it" wrong..oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it
  • Rainer Frilund from Kokkola, FinlandIt's good that there were no lyrics from the last album "Long Road Out of Eden". Otherwise I wouldn't have made a 100 % performance. Know the old albums, but didn't like it when they booted Felder.
  • Peg F from Denver, ColoradoThe Eagles was the music I loved when I was a teenager in high school. Don Henley's voice is wonderful. Each band member wrote beautiful music, with meaningful lyrics, and unbelievable harmony. I got all 10 right, and then quickly bought two of their Greatest Hits albums for my phone. Great music, great memories. RIP Glenn.
  • Ray Lawrence from UkI got every one right just love that band!.
  • Kristina from OklahomaI am still not sure about 2 song meanings. 1st is After The Thrill Is Gone. Is it about a love relationship or what I kinda think is its about the band when they no longer enjoyed being The Eagles. Hmm or anything in general, when whatever it is your doing is no longer an enjoyment but more of a dread.
  • K.c. from NhThe only one I missed was "Get Over It". Mostly, I could HEAR the songs as I read the lyrics!
  • Sam Smithson from North Hollywood, CaliforniaGot 'em all!
  • Jeanne from In.All but two.They are my favorite,love their music!
  • Stretch Taber from Hallandale,flaI got two dozen golf balls for Christmas,one dozen of which I adorned with Glenn Frey-sung songs.I lost James Dean after a nice par!My way of honoring him.RIP Glenn.
  • Sandy from Flall but 2
  • J. Lambing from CaliforniaIt's an amazing story of youth in America, they came from different parts of the country at just the right time and formed into a timeless band and sound. The songs and sounds were so "freeing", they defined an era. I like what T. Schmidt said "it's the air between the notes". It was all so unique, special. Thanks to the 7 Eagles, what a body of work!
  • Mike S from Livermore, CaRIP Glenn Frey. Grew up loving Glenn and the Eagles
  • Anthony C Simmons from Toronto CanadaAbsolutely loved the Eagles,unfortunately never got to see them live.Own 5 Vinyl copies of Hotel California and very rare copy of Hell Freezes over on Vinyl as well.Did I say that I love these guys
  • Ange from Pennsylvania Awesome quiz
  • Bill from ChicagoI seem to recall an episode of the TV show 'Seinfeld' that prominently featured the Eagles' song,
  • Sam from Melbourne I really like the eagles they are amazing, I got five right and I'm not an eagles fan
  • Kenneth Mckenna from United StatesWhen I wanted to learn to play acoustic guitar in 1977, I bought an Eagles Songbook, and painstakingly learned to play and sing all the songs. It taught me really good lessons about song structure, song writing,
    and chord changes. Lessons didn't work for me. Now, at 58 y/o, I can still pick my ole acoustic & play the
    Eagles songs that put me on a wonderful journey. Thank you for being my mentors and Hero's, and, to Glenn Frey, R.I.P. Your legacy will live on in all of us.
  • Jim from North Billerica, MaI only missed two and I'm not exactly an Eagles fan. There music, however is quite ubiquitous and far reaching. If you are paying attention, you'll recognize most of them. That is how huge they were.
  • Milio from ArgentinaHuge musician, Glenn
  • Bonnie Posey from TnThis was fun! lol I only missed three questions, but now I know! I'm more in to the older songs like Lying Eyes, Best Of My Love & Take It To The Limit. I love these guys, but you know what? Do one for The Stones with like...Wild Horses, Angie & Beast Of Burden. That would be great!!!!! Thanks for the fun!
  • Tom from Grand Rapids, MichiganYou are already sincerely missed. Eagles best band ever heard and seen. I'm certain Glen is now performing in heaven. Thank you buddy.
  • Solitarieone from SomewhereGot 'em all right, except one! "Hole in the World," and I said "The Sad Café."
  • Ken G. from PittsburghI know the older songs better.
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