Church Bells

Album: Storyteller (2015)
Charted: 43
  • This Zach Crowell, Brett James and Hillary Lindsey murder ballad tells the tale of Jenny, who quietly gets rid of her abusive husband by slipping, "something in his Tennessee whiskey."
  • The story of Jenny is one of a number of tales that Underwood tells on her Storyteller album. "I feel like one of the things that sets country music apart from other types of music is the storytelling aspect," she said. "I want three-and-a-half-minute movies on the radio. I love that there's a beginning, middle, and an end, and it all makes sense."

    "You can follow the characters, and you can see it all playing out in your head. That's what I'm drawn to, so that's what I write, what I pick, and what I want to sing."
  • Underwood explained how the titular bells evolve throughout the song to represent different things to Jenny: "In the beginning they represent a wedding. In the middle, they represent her needing some help after he abuses her... so then at the end, of course, the church bells represent the ones the ring out at his funeral, and she's free."
  • This was the first time that Zach Crowell had written a song where he had to kill off somebody. "It was kind of fun," he recalled to Taste of Country. "I remember kinda giggling, talking about, 'Okay, how should we kill this guy?' I remember sitting there saying, 'Oh, this is kind of awesome, to think kind of like a Hollywood screenwriter would come up with something."
  • It was Zach Crowell who suggested the song title. Hillary Lindsey recalled to The Boot: "It was, 'What can this be about?' I think once we started, once we kind of got the ball started rolling, then we definitely had [Underwood] in mind. It was so fun, because we got to chase the story of the character."

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  • Julianne from None Of Your Business CreepAnyone still here in 2020?
  • Synthia from Broken Bow, OkI don't like this song. I thought it would be a religious song at first, but then she used a word of profanity in it. The Bible speaks against using profanity. She's also dancing really vulgar and dressing really slutty. This song is such a disappointment. Doesn't anyone else see the slutty dancing and the slutty outfits? She's being a terrible role model for little girls. How is God going to honor her?! She also seems to glorify drinking and other things, especially when that woman gets abused by her husband and then kills him by poisoning his drink at the end. This woman needs to be exposed for her wrongdoing. SHE IS AN INFIDEL!!!
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