Jesus, Friend of Sinners

Album: Come to The Well (2011)


  • Casting Crowns frontman and principal songwriter Mark Hall admonishes the church to show compassion in this song. He explained to New Release Tuesday: "I've often said that the world doesn't know enough about what believers stand for, and too many times they only know what we're against. This song is a reminder that we all need to do something about that.

    While the song uses strong words to grab our attention, the truths are meant to lead us to the prayer within the chorus: Lord, open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers and let our hearts be led by mercy. If we're to do nothing else, it's to do justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly before our God." (Micah 6:8).
  • Hall admitted to New Release Today that when he, "first read the lyrics to my wife, Melanie, she gave me that cocked eyebrow look," and asked if he was "sure you can say that?" He explained why he felt the need to write such a plain-spoken song: "While it's true this is one of the more direct songs we've written, it also speaks truth. And I think believers should speak truth to each other as long as we do it in love. The people who worship with us know we love them. We aren't some angry artist standing outside and criticizing the church. We're in it right alongside other believers, and we're also preaching to ourselves first. In fact, you'll notice in the first verse that I'm speaking about myself: 'The world is on their way to you, but they're tripping over me; always looking around, but never looking up; I'm so double-minded.' I think God has given us a platform where we can talk honestly about issues important to his heart. That's why the cry of this song is, 'God, break our hearts for what breaks yours.'"


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