All Night

Album: Coloring Book (2016)


  • This song starts off with the voice of Ha Ha Davis. The Detroit internet comedian is known for his "Big Fella" memes.
  • Haitian-Canadian electronic musician Kaytranda's Chicago house production pays tribute to the 1980s genre that Chance's home city birthed. Kaytranda is of Haiti and Canada origins but has worked with other Chicago performers like Towkio.
  • Knox Fortune croons the chorus. The singer and producer is an affiliate of Chicago's SaveMoney crew. He told Complex how he ended up on this song: "It's super random. I sing and they've all heard what I've been working on and they love it. Then, like five days ago, Chance brought me that record, the Kaytranada one, and said, 'Can you talk on that with like a British accent or some s--t?' I was like, No, that s--t's not what I do. So I did my s--t and brought it back to him, and he said, 'This is hot as hell.' I didn't think it was hot as hell, but he said it was going on the project. Now here we are."
  • Chance the Rapper considers this to be the best song he's ever written. He explained to Zane Lowe during a Beats1 interview on May 24, 2016: "That song, to me, is the best song I've ever written, because it's such an awesome concept. The idea behind it is that I'm at this party and there's women all over me, and there's professionals in suits all over me, and people that are telling me they're my cousin. And in my mind, all everyone wants from me is a ride home. I think that's such a funny, stupid concept.

    But to build off that, and make it connect... it's a fun concept. I do get f--ked up at parties and get paranoid, and it's really funny, I think, to bring it back to everybody wanting a ride."


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