Album: Coloring Book (2015)


  • This song finds Chance repping his Chicago roots and his "angels," the rapper's friends and family who ensure that his haters can't touch him. He is supported by fellow Chicagoan Saba, who worked with Chance on Acid Rap's "Everybody's Something" and on Surf's "SmthnthtIwnt."
  • The music video was shot by Chance's friend and frequent collaborator Brand Studios director Austin Vesely and accented with animation from Hebru. The clip was filmed above a Chicago subway train and at South LaSalle Street. Chance stars as an angel, who alights on the roof of the L train, and rides around the Loop. Saba plays an inspired passenger who later teams up with the rapper for some choreographed dance moves.
  • Vestry explained the video's concept to MTV News: "It was sort of a play on that idea of a guardian angel or a superhero. The thing about it is, he's in a jumpsuit and a Sox hat - he doesn't look like your prototype [of an angel or superhero]. Nobody's perfect, so you have this sort of human version of what a guardian angel is, in Chance. That was my feeling.

    At the time, especially, he was involved in the Warmest Winter project, and he had just done all this stuff over the summer with kids in Chicago. It was an homage to the stuff he had been doing around the city."


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