Flicka Da Wrist

Album: Catchin' Playz 2 (2015)
Charted: 94
  • Houston rapper Chedda Da Connect (aka Courtney Milburn) came up with this song while freestyling over a beat his producer brother Fred On Em had made in the studio late one night. He recalled to The Fader: "I was in the studio just going through some sounds, just goofing around, playing around, going back and forth. My brother Fred, he was in the studio with me and he was playing with the keyboard."

    "He played one little sound - the main sound on the beat. I was like, 'Man, play that sound back again.' Then he started playing with the sound and I just started freestyling off the top of my head. And that's when I just came up with 'Flicka Da Wrist.' [Sings] I woke up feelin' like I was on the moon. And everything else just came after that, just came natural."
  • Flicking the wrist usually refers to making crack, but Chedda's rhymes just came out. "It was a freestyle, off the top of my head," he said. "I don't really write. I write some of the verses, I mean, that's just because everyone comes up with some nice punchlines. But I don't really write. I just go in there and press record. Go through the beat, knock out the hook, then I go back in and patch some words in, take some words out."
  • The track went viral on multiple social media platforms through the creation of user-generated videos featuring dance moves that play off the song's title. It further gained prominence in May 2015 when Tyga posted a Snapchat of Justin Bieber and him dancing to it at Rihanna's Met Ball party.


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