Roswell's Spell

Album: Sci-Fi Crimes (2009)
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  • Chevelle is a rock band from Grayslake, Illinois comprising of brothers, Pete and Sam Loeffler and their brother in law Dean Bernardini. This is a track from their fifth studio album Sci-Fi Crimes.
  • Roswell is a city in New Mexico near to a site where a UFO supposedly crashed in 1947. This is one of several tracks that talk about sci-fi situations. Pete Loeffler told iProng Magazine: "It's not like we believe it all, but we want to. We're just talking about situations we've been in and things that have happened over the years with people."

    John Denver was born in Roswell.
  • Another song that deals with the Roswell incident is Hangar 18 by Megadeth. Hangar 18 is an Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio where the alien bodies were supposedly taken.
  • Pete Loeffler explained in press materials that the title Sci-Fi Crimes was inspired by some off-road adventures with one "friend," whom Pete describes as "this really off-the-wall character, who was driving us around, who believes so whole-heartedly in aliens and UFOs that the subject just really piqued my interest."
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