A Song For Richard And His Friends

Album: Chicago At Carnegie Hall (1972)
  • This did not receive much radio airplay, but is a notorious example of Chicago's political persuasions in the early years of the band. It is a nose-thumbing directed at President Richard Nixon. Nixon was at the apex of his political powers then. Watergate was just around the corner and the notorious burglary that led to his ruin occurred just weeks after the album was released. >>
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    Charles - Charlotte, NC
  • Robert Lamm, who is one of the founding members of the band, wrote this song.
  • This was the only new song included on the Chicago At Carnegie Hall album, a 4-disc set comprised of songs recorded during a week of concerts at the venue in April 1971.

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  • Oldpink from Farmland, InWhat's with Jackson Browne's song being linked instead of the one listed?
  • Brett from Auckland, New ZealandRobert Lamm's spoken introduction on the "Chicago at Carnegie Hall" album mentions that this is 'sort of a wishful thought about wishing President Nixon would quit!" The crowd roars with approval...
  • Dave from Pomeroy, OhWas this about Nixon or then Chicago mayor Richard Dailey
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