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Album: Chickenfoot (2009)
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  • Chickenfoot is a supergroup made up of former Van Halen bandmates Sammy Hagar on vocals and Michael Anthony on bass with guitarist Joe Satriani and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Satriani told Ultimate Guitar the story behind this song: "That track surfaced due to the fact that Sam and me had a conversation regarding cool tracks, and what we felt the group would be good at. We just drank tequilas, and riffed upon ideas. He said something, which stuck in my head, which was; 'It would be cool to write a track where you guys play, and I sing in one whole, and then you guys play once more.' Sam loves to listen to us play, and noted that if we wrote a track of that nature, then he could sing, and subsequently listen to us play. He also commented that such a track would be more exciting for him. I thought about that, and so I whipped up a demo, and sent it to the group's fellow members. Everyone liked that demo. The second time we convened to record some demos, we all arranged the track right there on the spot somewhat. Sam encouraged me to conduct a long jam at the end of the track, and to just go crazy. That's how the track was born. We could record different versions of that track all day long, since it's a fun track to play."
  • Satriani explained to Ultimate Guitar why the quartet decided to call themselves Chickenfoot: "I think it was just a goofy code name. We had to call ourselves something, and thought about possible names in the meantime. We thought of clever names, though I never thought any name was as good as Chickenfoot (laughs). Chickenfoot is just a name which is so eerie, yet at the same time, is perfect. I wasn't surprised when the public overwhelmed us somewhat by just constantly referring to us as Chickenfoot. The name just stuck, I guess."

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  • Chase from Miami, FlOh Yeah is my personal fave song by Chickenfoot I got there album (record and cd) and a t-shirt the day it came out. It rocks!!!! first to comment
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