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  • The idea for this track came to Chris August in the shower. He explained the background to the song in an interview with New Release Tuesday: "I was thinking about how each day I pray to God for focus. It hit me one day that my words were wrong. I need to say, 'Lord I accept Your focus.' That's something He's always giving us. It's not something He starts and stops giving. We just have to choose to accept God's direction in our lives each day. That got me to stop and think about choosing to accept God's focus in our lives is a daily decision. We put pressure and rules on ourselves as Christians. Even just in life if you are trying to make moral decisions apart from following Christ, you have daily 'battles.'"
  • August told New Release Tuesday that the real message of the song is that we all face everyday battles - eating the right food, spending money the right way... "and it hit me that the beauty of all of these battles we fight is that the war was already won when Christ died for our sins on the Cross." He continued: "At the end of the day, that's what it's about. Our human nature is that we have pride, and we hate when we mess up. The Bible tells us we'll all fall short of the glory of God. Character comes in when you repent and what you do after you mess up. My hope is that I can keep my focus on the war that was already won by Jesus Christ in my life That's where healing comes from when we face those daily battles. I would love for people to experience that same healing when they listen to this song. Take the hope given to us by Jesus and know that the Cross was for people in the midst of sin. "While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Live for Him."
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