Muddy Waters

Album: The Maker (2015)
  • When Chris August had a serious skateboarding accident, he was given painkillers for his injuries. He took them for four months, but the struggle to wean himself off the pills left the singer depressed. He recalled to New Release Tuesday: "When I finally weaned myself off the pain killers, I was acting weird, I guess, and a couple of my friends told me I should see a counselor. I went and saw a counselor, and he said I should see a psychologist. That's never good when a counselor says that to you. Basically, I was diagnosed with depression and had to get on more medication, and had side effects from all of these medications. I had a pill box like my Grandpa used to have, and it was the size of a laptop, and I was taking all of these pills. That was right before Christmas, 2012."

    August added: "'Muddy Waters,' when you look at the lyrics, I'm talking about my depression. I'm talking about how I was taking these pills, and I'm not saying to everyone: 'stop taking your pills.' It's about praying for healing. I asked the Lord to heal me, I dove into His Word, and I dove into the Holy Spirit like I never had before, and I didn't even realize what I was missing out on."


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