Album: Royalty (2015)
Charted: 68 80
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  • The second song released in advance of Royalty, this finds Chris Brown singing of giving his all in a relationship but getting zero in return from the girl. The single received its first airplay on Capital FM in the UK on September 17, 2015, a day before its iTunes release worldwide.
  • While we're on the subject of zero, did you know:

    Records show that the ancient Greeks seemed unsure about the status of zero as a number. They asked themselves, "if you don't have anything, why do you need a number?", leading to philosophical arguments about the nature and existence of zero.

    The earliest text to use a decimal place-value system, including a zero, was the Lokavibhaga, a Jain cosmological text originally composed in Prakrit by a Digambara monk, Sarvanandi in the fifth century AD.

    In the Medieval period there were religious arguments about the nature and existence of the number zero. In 13th century Florence, zero and negative numbers were banned because they were considered a thing of the devil.

    When he published his equations of general relativity Albert Einstein failed to notice that his theory predicted an expanding universe. Alexander Friedmann, a Russian mathematician, found to his amazement Einstein had made an elementary algebraic error that caused him to overlook a solution to his own equations. Einstein had divided by zero at one point in his calculations - a mathematical impossibility.

    Humans are unable to burp in zero gravity environments.
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