Holdin' Her

Album: Buy Me a Boat (2015)
Charted: 115
  • Chris Janson wrote this song for his wife Kelly Lynn and their children. "It's an absolute true story, from start to finish," he said. "It's the story of the things that I love most: my wife and my kids and my journey in life."

    "If anyone wants a real look inside my life, here it is," Janson added. "Out of all the songs I've ever written, 'Holdin' Her' is the one song that I have always wanted to hear on the radio."
  • Janson sings in the chorus:

    And when I'm holdin' her
    It's like peace on Earth
    Where time stands still
    Love's the only thing, yeah, that I feel

    He wrote in a Genius attribution: "I feel this every time I lay eyes on my wife, every time I lay eyes on my kids, every single time. Just knowing that they are a part of my life – that they are my life – makes me feel this."
  • The video reflects the personal nature of the song. Shot in Franklin, Tennessee, much of the footage was filmed by Janson's oldest stepdaughter on her home camera - the park bench that we see is where the singer proposed to Kelly Lynn.


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