If That Ain't God

Album: Yet to be titled (2020)


  • This Matt Roy, Mitchell Oglesby and Greylan James penned song finds Chris Young expressing gratitude for the Lord's handiwork and all the miracles big and small that are happening in the world.
  • Released on July 3, 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide protests in response to the killing of George Floyd, the singer told People the song's poignant subject matter is timely. "It's just a positive, uplifting message. It's talking about some of the things in life that you take for granted, whether it's little stuff or big stuff, and you look around and you're like, 'Man, if that ain't God, I don't know what it is.' I was jealous that I had never thought of that title on my own before, because it's just a brilliantly written song."
  • The first verse talks about taking for granted the simple act of waking up and grabbing a cup of coffee. Then seeing a good news story on the TV about somebody beating cancer on the TV gives the singer food for thought.

    I ain't never thought much of getting up
    Or the climb down the stairs to my coffee cup
    Or the good morning news in the background
    'Til I heard somebody on it talking 'bout
    The kid from my town, only 8 or 9
    Who took a punch from cancer, but he won that fight
    He had his first home run first time at the plate
    Then he pointed to the sky, and it made me think

    Chris Young's father was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, and the message of overcoming stark odds resonated with the singer. "I've experienced that in my family with my dad," said Young. "[He] lost a part of one of his lungs and came back and you'd never know if you saw him today that he went through all that. I'm still lucky to have my dad around... and not taking it for granted."
  • Chris Young also has a writer credit as he made a few tweaks to personalize the song. The country star explained to American Songwriter that he changed around half of the chorus, and one or two lines in the second verse.

    Young added that he asked the writers about the alterations after tracking the song, "And they were OK with that, and I appreciate that. Anyone willing to trust you with their baby when they create a song, and for you to change it? That's a lot of trust to put in somebody."

    Not only did the writers let Young modify their song, they graciously included him as a co-writer, meaning he gets a share of their royalties.


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