Losing Sleep

Album: Losing Sleep (2017)
Charted: 60
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  • The lead single and title track from Chris Young's sixth album, the singer penned this song with his frequent co-writers Chris DeStefano and Josh Hoge. However, the writing session that led to "Losing Sleep" was the first time that all three men had collaborated together. Young told The Boot:

    "I had written a lot of songs with Chris DeStefano; I love that guy - so insanely talented. And I had written, obviously, a lot of songs with Josh Hoge, but the three of us had not gotten together. I was like, 'Man, I just think that combination would be really, really cool.'

    I asked Chris, 'Hey, do you mind writing at the end of the year?' Because some people don't - some people shut it down; they need to take time. I was really in a mode where I wanted to keep writing and felt like I had some stuff to say. He was like, 'Man, I'm fine with that. We'll get in and see what we get.'

    That was our first co-write, the three of us together. So we were like, 'Okay, this works. This is cool.'"
  • Young alludes to a loss of sleep as not necessarily being a bad thing.

    When we're wrapped up in those sheets
    Yeah, we're winning, we're losing
    When we're losing sleep

    It's a sexy and steamy song, but not dirty. Young said:

    "'Losing Sleep': great title for a tour name and an album and everything else. As much as I can joke about having insomnia and never sleeping because I'm a musician, it works in a lot of ways."
  • Sonically, with its slick beats, the song is a little different from Young's typical material. "You don't want to make the same song over and over or the same sounds over and over on every record," he explained to The Tennessean. "I think it's still very much me. I don't think anyone is going to hear it and think it doesn't sound like me as an artist. It's very, very forward production-wise and definitely once the chorus hits, it's a tempo. It's a nice balance, and I think you have to have all of that."
  • "Losing Sleep" debuted at #94 on the Hot 100 dated October 14, 2017. One place below was another "Young" song - "Like I Loved You" by Brett Young.
  • The song's music video was directed by Peter Zavadil. It shows Young on a hot date at Nashville's posh Omni Hotel.


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