Think Of You
by Chris Young (featuring Cassadee Pope)

Album: I'm Comin' Over (2015)
Charted: 40


  • This is a duet with Cassadee Pope. Young decided to ask The Voice alumna to sing with him after watching her perform at an acoustic radio station event. "She's definitely somebody that can sing her butt off," Young told The Boot of Pope. "And that was really the defining thing in me wanting to ask her do a duet."
  • The song's music video was directed by David McClister (Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now," The Band Perry's "If I Die Young") and shot at Nashville's Sambuca restaurant and Hermitage Cafe. The clip showcases Pope and Young individually pining for their old relationship, in storylines that play out in sync with the lyrics.
  • The collaboration came about as a result of a gig that Cassadee Pope took part in with Chris Young. "I was just playing a radio show in West Palm Beach, Florida, and it was fun, I was on the road doing my thing," she recalled to ABC Radio. "And little did I know, Chris Young was looking for a female to do a duet with. So, I just do what I always do and belt it out and have fun, and I guess he liked what he heard. So, the next thing I know I'm getting an email from my manager saying, 'Chris Young wants you to sing on a song with him,' and I heard the song, freaked out. There was no hesitation - I said yes right away!"
  • Once the pair began to lay down the song, it became quickly obvious that Chris Young had picked the right duet partner. "I think his low voice, that kind of monotone voice with my little bit of a higher tone really meshes well together," said Pope. "You never know until you get in the studio and we got in there and it was just right away a great mix, so we were excited."
  • Chris Young co-wrote the song with Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge. The same trio contributed to the core of the I'm Comin' Over album including the title track.
  • Corey Crowder also co-produced the song and he said its recording session was truly special. "When Cassadee hits this note on the bridge, it's like a C#, which for a singer, that's kinda freakish, and when she hit it, it was kinda her own little embellishment that she'd done that wasn't on the demo, and Chris and I were losing our minds in the control room, like, 'No way she just hit that!'" he told Taste of Country with a laugh.

    "And I told Chris, 'I'm gonna ask her to do that again, and I guarantee you she won't hit that again.' And I had her do it three more times, and she hit it the exact same way every time," Crowder continued. "Me and Chris were freaking out. It was the most hilarious, dorkiest musical moment. It was just a really fun day. I think that energy shows up in the track, and it was just kind of a memorable day for me making a record."
  • It was Corey Crowder who came up with the original idea for the song. He recalled to The Boot:

    "My wife and I have been together since I was 16, so it's over half of my life. I started thinking about how awkward it would be for all of our friends [if we broke up, because] a lot of our friends are the same; we hang out with the same people. I just started thinking about how crazy it would be if we were to ever split up, how it would be for our friends, going out. Who would get to go where? Who would get to hang out with who? It just kind of came to me, and I brought that to the guys, and they loved it, and here we are."


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