Sometimes Alleluia

Album: Chuck Girard (1975)


  • This simple worship song has become a popular song in many churches and can be found in many hymn books.
  • In 1970 Chuck Girard helped found Love Song, a group, who together with Larry Norman, defined what became known as Jesus Music. Five years later he released his first self-titled solo album, which featured this song.
  • Girard recalled in CCM Top 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music how this song came about: "In the early days when Love Song first started out, we didn't know how to say no. We thought if the phone rang, it was God. Sometimes we played two or three times a day for weeks on end. Well, one weekend a bunch of us went up to a cabin for some R&R. we sat around the fireplace the first night to just worship. I had a guitar and I'd been thinking about the different ways in which we express our heart to God. I just started singing, 'Sometimes alleluia, sometimes praise the Lord…' and the chorus was born. Then I basically forgot about it until a few years later when I was preparing to record the Chuck Girard album. I told my wife that I wanted to put a worship song on the album. She reminded me about the little chorus we sang up at the cabin. I said 'Naw that's too simple: I need a real song.' Karen said, 'No, I have a feeling about that one. You need to finish it.' I went to the piano and the verses were written in about 20 minutes. It came out as the final song on the album, and in this case, the rest truly is history."

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  • Deanna from Delavan, IlWonderful song!!!
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