Lover's Thing

Album: Fantasy Ride (2009)


  • This song was produced by Tricky Stewart, who helmed three other tracks on Fantasy Ride as well as serving as one of the executive producers on the project. Ciara first met Stewart when she was just 15 and refers to him a big brother. She told MTV News: "I learned a lot from him, but one thing I never did was work with him. So now, on this record, before I started the process, I said, 'I always wanted to work with him but never got around to him.' And it was gonna happen this time. Right away, I set up a meeting. I sat down with Tricky and his manager, and we all talked about working, and I was so excited about it. It's been something I had been really, really wanting to do."
  • Ciara dueted with Stewart's producing partner The-Dream on this song. The singer-songwriter/producer also had a hand in penning several numbers from Fantasy Ride. Ciara explained to MTV News: "There's a cool history with Dream. Dream was also, back when I was trying to get everything going, he was also trying to get everything going with his career. And he would always way, 'Watch [out for me].' And it's been awesome to see him doing his thing too. It's more so long overdue [working with Dream and Tricky together]. And I really enjoyed it. They helped me create the core of my record."


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