Nobody's Fool

Album: Night Songs (1986)
Charted: 13


  • This was Cinderella's first hit. They were a Philadelphia-based band led by Tom Keifer (vocal) and Jeff LeBar (lead guitar). The group signed to Mercury Records after Jon Bon Jovi saw them perform.
  • Tom Keifer wrote this and all of Cinderella's other hits. He had a knack for writing power-ballads that he delivered with a sincerity rarely found in the Hair Bands of the '80s and early '90s. In this song, he feels used and mistreated by a girl, and is determined to leave her behind. He hints that she may have been a groupie or someone attracted to his wealth: "I scream my heart out, just to make a dime, and with that dime I bought your love but now I've changed my mind."
  • Cinderella's first single was "Shake Me," which is a rocker that failed to chart, but primed the band for success. The video for "Nobody's Fool" follows the storyline in "Shake Me," about a modern-day Cinderella who is magically transported to their concert.
  • In our interview with Tom Keifer, he explained: "That song, that's something I think everyone can relate to. In life there is the falling in love, and then there's the falling out of love. There are songs for both experiences, and 'Nobody's Fool' is certainly the song for the falling out of love experience. And I would say that was not written for any one particular person. I'd been through that several times prior to writing that song. A lot of times, the emotions of songs are cumulative. That's not one particular experience, but the culmination of many."

Comments: 9

  • Manuela M Moran from Midland TxI have always lived this song. Rock at its most perfection.
  • Stephanie Coda from Pittsburgh PaI’m not understanding how Joni from NY is calling this a poser band? What does that even mean? Tom Keifer sounds the same now live as back in the day! This is one of the OG Hair Bands and Tom Keifer definitely knows what he’s doing!
  • Storm from Glam Metal NeverlandThis was the second song I heard by Cinderella, following 'Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone" Even though "Somebody Save Me" is my favorite, this one has a place in my heart as the first actual 'Power Ballad' I ever heard at the age of 8. Nevertheless, Cinderella has great songs, and Tom has amazing songwriting skills.
  • Yan from Ottawa, CanadaO.k. can someone tell me what is the name of the girl in the video Nobody's Fool playing Cinderella. Dam! This Girl is the look a like of my first love back in High School (1987)!!!
  • Joni from New York, NyI like this song. Though Cinderella seems like a poser band, I'll admit the band had catchy sounds. It is on that "Monsters of Rock" album. I like the way LeBar looks in the video.
  • Michael from Tasmaniagreat song
    but my favourite song off Night Songs is Nothin For Nothin, thats a great song, also Back Home again
    but you gotta love Nobodys Fool, its a great ballad
  • Rae from Sydney, AustraliaI like this song. "Shake me" reminds me way to much of AC/DC's "you shook me all night long". the lyrics are pretty similar. Does anyone know if that is on purpose?
  • Vicki from Miramichi, CanadaThis song is way under-rated.. I can't believe more people haven't commented on it! Maria from Atlanta. I salute you! This song is awsome.. I also enjoy "Shake Me"
  • Maria from Atlanta, GaI can clearly remember seeing this video on MTV, and owning the record. This was always one of my favories. I was able to have the privilage of seeing them live in the Summer of 2002. It was an amazing show. This will always be an incredible show.
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