Shining Through The Door

Album: Oddities, Abnormalities, & Curiosities (1995)


  • This song is about overcoming the hardships of modern times: "Sometimes it's sad/sometimes it's funny/We have the power to elevate ourselves." Lead singer Keith Morris elaborated to Rock Around the World: "I looked at that as kind of a gospel, spiritually uplifting kind of tune in our hard, dark, rugged, lame political times. I just said we need something - as negative as part of it is - there's the uplifting bit that brings you out of it, that [says] we all have the power to rise above all the b.s. that's going on. That's pretty much what that song is about. We like to include songs like that. If you listen to it, the tempo is completely different from everything else on the record; it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb, and you just have to do something like that every now and then."
  • Morris says that this song is not musically representative of Circle Jerks, since it's not as wild and free flowing as their typical work.
  • This song features on Oddities, Abnormalities, & Curiosities, Circle Jerks' sixth studio album. Keith Morris told Rad Cyberzine this album saw Circle Jerks explore a more 'rockier' sound: "When you listen to it you'll hear Kinks or Who, you might hear a little bit of Mowtown running through, especially on the bass lines. We wanted to make a real loud thrash album, but at the same time we wanted to rock out a bit to."


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