Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We're Famous


  • Cobra Starship are signed to Pete Wentz's Decaydance record label and the Fall Out Boy musician has been a keen promoter of the band.
  • Cobra frontman Gabe Saporta blogged on the band's website about this song's title: "We always referred to it as 'Smash It Up,' because the chorus goes 'Smash it up.' But then, one of the shelf kids said we should name our album 'Pete Wentz is the only reason we're famous.' And we said 'F--- you, kid! We're also famous because of Patrick Stump.' But we did like how that title rolled off our tongues. So we decided to name this song that."
  • Wentz responded to his name-checking in the song title with this email to Entertainment Weekly: "I have to say Gabe Saporta has been famous long before I ever knew him. Infamous, famously late… He was always talking his way into clubs that we couldn't get into. He always knew someone everywhere we went. I mean he goes to Milan like three times a year. Cobra is the band to watch this year and that is simply due to their hard work and dedication. Cobra Starship is the only reason they are famous."


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