Album: The Color Before the Sun (2015)


  • Coheed frontman Claudio Sanchez and his wife made the decision to move back to their house in the country after their son was born. However, it turned out that the people they'd been renting their property to had turned it into a grow house, planting thousands of dollars' worth of cannabis under their roof.

    The couple have to deal with the sadness of seeing their home in disarray. The chorus of this song is about that point where Claudio and his wife found out their house had been destroyed:

    And when the world comes crashing down
    Don't make a move don't make a sound
    Just watch it fall, watch it come down and feel it as it goes
    Does it feel good to let go?

    The event looms large on The Color Before the Sun, and inspired its creation. "I just thought to myself, 'Here I am, this is probably the first record, the only record, where I'm going to experience these things', you know? Pre- and post-fatherhood, this is a new phase of my personal life. So why not make it a new phase of Coheed And Cambria's life as well?" explained Sanchez to Teamrock. "I'm usually super nervous in those sorts of situations, but this felt like the house made the decision for us. When s--t started going wrong, I just felt this eerie sense of calm. And it was at that point that it made sense for it to frame what this record was going to be."
  • The verses were inspired by Sanchez finding peace within himself after an identity crisis. He explained to Teamrock: "I was learning to accept all the colors and shades of who I am – whether it was me from 16-years-old, or me now, at 37. It didn't matter, because it was all one and the same."

    "The keys are really sparse and just one note, and to me they represent this coming together and solidarity of these two personas merging into one," he added. "I incorporated the piano to feel that resonance of this split becoming unified. And the chorus echoes the idea that when the world all comes crashing down, it feels good to just let go and allow things to take their course. That's the big theme of this record."


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