Cold War Kids

Nathan WillettVocals, guitar, piano2004-
Matt MaustBass2004-
Jonnie RussellGuitar, piano, vocals2004-2012
Matt AveiroDrums2004-2013
Dann GallucciVocals, guitar2012-
Joe PlummerDrums2014-
Matthew SchwartzKeyboards, guitar, vocals2014-
  • Although the members of Cold War Kids met at evangelical college Biola University, they insist that they are not a Christian band. Matt Maust says "We are Christian in the same way that Johnny Cash is Christian."
  • Cold War Kids lead singer Nathan Willett says one of the boldest things the band has ever done was play right before Metallica at a festival in Belgium. The crowd was full of passionate Metallica fans and most of them didn't care to see Cold War Kids. Willett says the band just took it with a grain of salt and tried to go onstage and have some fun.
  • Cold War Kids started in 2004 in Fullerton, California in guitarist Jonnie Russell's apartment above a restaurant. The eatery was called Mulberry Street and the band used the name for the title of their first EP.
  • Nathan Willett used to be a high school English teacher. He was doing a teaching credential program when he realized that although he loved music, he had never given a career in the music industry a real shot. From there, the band started organically and they began booking their own tours.
  • Cold War Kids bassist Matt Maust used to make pens to show his love for his favorite bands, like Blur and The Jesus and Mary Chain. According to frontman Nathan Willett, Maust also dressed like a punk rocker, wearing leather and bondage pants.
  • Lead singer Nathan Willett says that 2011's Mine Is Yours is the first album he had expectations for. He said he'd be disappointed if the album didn't do well and that he has huge goals for the band. Some of those goals include touring Asia, playing at bigger venues, and joining some of his idols onstage, such as Elvis Costello.
  • Drummer Matt Aveiro says his favorite cities to play in are Tokyo, Paris, and Mexico City. When he's not performing, Aveiro just likes to find a good place to eat in the city he's in and maybe a record store or bar.
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