Cure My Tragedy
by Cold

Album: Year Of The Spider (2003)
  • Lead singer Scooter Ward wrote this for his sister, Jennifer, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer that spread to her brain. Scooter was very upset and ready to stop working on the album, but his sister told him to write a song about it instead. Remarkably, Jennifer got better, which led Scooter to renew his faith in God; many of the tracks on Cold's next album, A Different Kind of Pain, are about using faith to overcome tragedy. >>
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  • In a Songfacts interview, Ward explained what it was like performing "Cure My Tragedy" for the band's live DVD released in 2016. "We did a piano version of it with strings involved, and it was very beautiful," he said. "When the strings started up that night for that song, I got to the first verse and I stopped the song. We were recording it, so I was like, 'We're gonna have to do this again.' My sister was there. She was still very sick with her second bout of cancer, so she was in the audience, and she had left early because she was feeling really bad, but when I came out to do that song, she was still in the room as far as I was concerned. And trying to play that song in front of my family, I broke down. Then I caught myself, and I was like, 'Let's do this. This is what Cold is about.' So, I gathered up enough courage and we did another take and we pulled it off. But it was really tough... even talking about it right now with you is tough. So, I'm hoping we can do it on this tour. I really want to pull it off and I want to overcome that with me. It's my goal to be able to perform that song well without losing my s--t."
  • Checking in with Ward in 2019, he explained that his sister made it through two bouts of cancer, but fighting them took a tool. "With melanoma and any kind of cancer, the treatments and the damage that happens throughout years and years of that, it affects you," he said. "She's the strongest person in the world though. She's one of those persons that never gives up... she's amazing, man. I've never seen anybody stronger in my entire life than my sister."

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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjNick, New Zealand - his wife was divorcing him around the time his sister got the cancer, and update: the cancer has since gone into remission.
  • Becky from Cleves, Ohcold is amazing, its a shame the band is no longer together, they really had talent, and scooter was blessed with the gift of his lyrics, because just reading others feed back he has really saved alot of us with his music!
  • Nick from Papakura, New ZealandAlso Scotters wife (or was it girlfriend) got cancer around the same time. But the song was primarily about his sister.
  • Mikael from Pleasant View, Utyeah if ive seen cold live twice and each of those times he dedicated the song to his sister. Really moving song especially live.
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