Start Again

Album: All I Know (2015)
  • This forlorn love song finds Australian singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell lamenting the loss of a lover and the fervent hope to get back off to a fresh start. He originally penned the tune while crashing on a friend's couch in Los Angeles after unrelated breakups with his girlfriend and his band, Sons of Midnight.
  • The soulful piano ballad was written by Conrad Sewell with Los Angeles-based English songwriter Jamie Hartman, whose other credits include Christina Aguilera's "Army Of Me" and Andy Grammer's "Forever."
  • Released on March 10, 2015, the song topped the Australian singles chart. Sewell told Digital Spy: "That song is more the pure version of what I'm about. That comes very naturally to me; the piano ballads. I knew that song was going to be important, and it was the song I got signed off, and the one that was floating around the industry and everyone immediately attached themselves to - but I didn't know it would be a #1 record."


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