Green Aphrodisiac

Album: The Heart Speaks In Whispers (2016)


  • Corinne Bailey Rae wrote this ode to rebirth with Amber and Paris Strother of the LA-based future-soul band KING. Paris Strother also produced the track.
  • It was American bassist/singer Esperanza Spalding, who introduced Bailey Rae to the Strother sisters. The English songstress recalled to Ebony: "When I first heard KING, I just absolutely loved them. I'd heard The Story EP, and loved their songs, the productions and how dream-like it was like. It was the take on the harmonies that Stevie Wonder pioneered that came out of jazz, but it was also electronic and I really loved that. It was inspiring. At the time, I wasn't thinking, 'I'd love to work with them.' I just thought they were great and I'm glad that they existed.

    Then Esperanza [Spalding] said she went to school with Paris and I was out in L.A. working with a producer and grumbling because he was really busy. She said Paris is in town, you should call her. She handed me the phone with it ringing and we started the conversation.

    Esperanza drove us over and we got connected and got on with them instantly. Now, we're such good friends, it's hard to even remember that day. She's an incredible producer. I sometimes work with people on co-production and generally they don't turn out, because they're commercially minded. With Paris, we let our imaginations run wild."
  • Bailey Rae told Mojo how the trio jammed this song together at Paris Strother's house: "It was different from sitting in a windowless room looking at what was hot on You Tube for inspiration. We were women, we were black, sharing this history, this friendship... Making music is like love; when it's right, it's easy."


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