Paper Dolls


  • This '60s-style Rock song originated in a charity shop in Bailey Rae's hometown of Leeds in Christmas 2006 when she started toying with an old balalaika. The riff she came up with became this song.
  • The song is about Bailey Rae's reflection on how people's expectations "force you into a certain shape, but also how you can get out of that too." It is based on her memories of the bad girls she was friendly with in school, even though, "I was really straight and nerdy."
  • Bailey Rae expanded on the bad girls she knew from school that she sings about in this song to The Daily Telegraph January 25, 2010: "They were the total opposite of me. They didn't talk to me that much in class but out of class they'd confide in me. We'd be in shops and one of them would have nicked loads of stuff!" She laughed. "They'd be going out with 19-year-olds when they were 15. Because I was really churchy as well they were like, 'You don't have sex with your boyfriend, do you? Wish I didn't have sex with mine!' I was really straight. I rode my bike to school, I was the head girl, I played the violin, was really nerdy. I was really underweight, so I was really skinny and under-confident. But I had Doc Marten boots! So I was a bit of an outsider. And clever as well. I was always getting called to the front, my essays always getting read out. I was like, 'Don't you think my life is hard enough?'''


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