Hard Candy

Album: Hard Candy (2002)


  • The "Candy" represents the girl, and it's "Hardy Candy" because she is hard-to-get. It's described how the whole world changes when around this girl. The whole world spins because this girl is so extraordinary.
  • When the mother is talked about, it is could refer to how there is a bit of his mother (which "Stays just out of sight") in this girl, and when you see your mother's love displayed in this girl it makes everything all right again. >>
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  • Robert from Clymer, PaOk on the CD it self for Hard Candy. If you pop it into your computer it will load up and allow you to watch a video or go to the ?Secrete Site? this will tell you the meaning of the each song on the album and how it came about. ?Hard Candy? the song and album is about memories and relates it to hard candy. Ever eat old hard candy? It is sweet but some times it can cut the inside of your mouth. Another way to put it is the saying ?Bitter Sweet?. Memories are bitter sweet depending on the memory. Think about a past lover. You remember all of the good things in that relationship and you sometimes miss that person because of the great memories. Then you become sad because you know you will not have great memories with that person again and you become sad. See Bitter sweet, just like hard candy.

    First verse
    ?On certain Sundays in November
    When the weather bothers me
    I empty drawers of other summer's
    Where my shadows used to be
    She is standing by the water
    As her smile begins to curl
    In this or any other summer
    She is something all together different
    Never just an ordinary girl?

    This verse is about looking back. ?Empty draws of other summers? can be taken as a photo album. Think about your photo album and you look at summer pictures of your self? Those are your draws of other summers. He is looking at a picture of a girl he used to be in love with.

    Verse two

    ?And in the evenings on Long Island
    When the colors start to fade
    She wears a silly yellow hat
    That someone gave her when she stayed
    I didn't think that she returned it
    We left New York in a whirl
    Time expands and then contracts
    When you are spinning
    In the grips of someone
    Who is not an ordinary girl?

    This verse he is still looking at the picture of his ex- girlfriend. He notices that she is wearing a yellow hat. He probably notices in his room that the hat that she is wearing in the picture is in his room or somewhere visible. He can?t remember when she returned it to him. Also where it says ?Time expands and then contracts? Think about having a great time at a party or you is very busy at work. Time seems to go really fast but, when the party or the day is over time slows down. It seems like its going slow. Hence ?time expands and then contacts.? A long period of time seems short but it?s actually a long time

    ?When you sleep
    you find your mother in the night
    but she stays just out of sight
    so there isn't any sweetness in the dreaming
    and when you wake the morning covers you with light
    and it makes you feel alright
    but it's just the same hard candy
    you?re remembering again?

    This is trying to relate memories of your mother to hard candy. Image for example image your mom has died, and you have a dream about her. You want to see her but she stays just out of sight. You want to talk to her but you can?t. If you had a dream like that ?There isn?t any sweetness in the dreaming.? When you wake up from the dream you see it?s a new day and you are see the sunlight and it makes you feel good but you remember the dream you had about your mother and the bitter sweet memories you have. The good memories and you come to the realization you will not have any more new memories with her. That?s why the lyrics go ?But it?s just the same hard candy, you?re remembering again?

    Verse 3

    ?You send your lover off to China
    Then you wait for her to call
    You put your girl up on a pedestal
    Then you wait for her to fall
    I put my summer's back in a letter
    And I hide it from the world
    All the regrets you can't forget
    Are somehow pressed upon a picture
    In the face of such an ordinary girl?

    In the song the girl he is in love with (the girl in the yellow hat) he is remembering what happened. ?You send your lover off to China? this means the girl left, moved away. So now his relationship with the girl becomes a long distance relationship. We all know those relationships usually don?t last. The line ?you wait for her to fall? means he doesn?t know if this is going to last and he is willing to make it work but can she take the distance. So he is waiting for her to fall in other words break up with him. Last lines of this song ?I put my summer?s back in a letter and I hide it from the world, all regrets you can?t forget are pressed upon a picture in the face of such an ordinary girl?. This refers to he was going to mail her a letter, a love letter, he places her picture into the letter and he places it back into his dresser ?draws of other summers?. He wishes he would have mailed her this old love letter that is why the lyrics go ?all regrets you can?t forget?


    ?Go ask her to come around
    and see me late after dark
    don?t ask me to come around
    then wait to see if there's a spark?

    These final lyrics are about he wants to see his old flame again. So he wants to call or talk to her to see if she would come around a see him, maybe at a restaurant for dinner or a beach at night because it says ?see me late after dark?. Now where it says ?don?t ask me to come around, and then wait to see if there is a spark? this can be taken two different ways. A conversation is head about what he is telling himself he needs to do; which is go ask her and tell her to meet him. Then he is uncertain he thinks maybe she will say ?don?t ask me to come around?. The other way you can take it is that he actually did get a hold of this old flame and he asks her to meet him later one night and she says ? don?t ask me to come around, then wait to see if there?s a spark? meaning she doesn?t want to be with him.
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