See You Try

Album: See You Try (2018)


  • Craig Campbell sings of a night out with the boys. However, there's a flirty girl who's trying to pull him away from the guys.

    Pullin' me out on the dance floor
    Talkin' me into walking' out of that back door
    End of the song, takin' you home
    Gettin' it on

    The flirty girl is Campbell's wife Mindy. He explained: "When I'm doing my thing with my friends and she's ready to leave, I love for her to try to convince me. Like, 'Hey, it's time to go. And if you go with me right now, then this is gonna happen.' Even though we've been married for a little while now, I still get excited when she does those things."
  • Craig Campbell told The Boot that he instantly gravitated to the James McNair, Jordan Schmidt and Tyler Hubbard-penned demo because of its personal connection to his own experiences with his wife. "We put the word out that we were looking for a song," he said. "We didn't want to hear a bunch of songs; we didn't want to hear good songs, we didn't want to hear great songs - we wanted to hear the best songs. I said, 'I want to hear the songs before Blake [Shelton] hears them. I want to hear the songs before Luke [Bryan] hears them. That's the song I wanna hear.'"

    Campbell continued: "[Personal connection] definitely plays into choosing a song, especially when I didn't write it. It's hard for me to sing a song I don't relate to. As soon as I heard 'See You Try,' I connected to it. Sometimes I'll be out with my friends and Mindy'll be there, and she'll be like, 'Hey, let's leave.' And I'll be like, 'I'm having a good time!' Then she goes into this whole mode of convincing me, and I love it. That's what the song's about."


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