One More Lie (Standing In The Shadows)

Album: Signed Sealed Delivered (2010)
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  • This Four Tops re-creation is the first single from British R&B singer Craig David's fifth album, Signed Sealed Delivered. The album primarily covers and samples Motown hits but with a modern twist. David explained why he decided to record a covers album to Blues and Soul magazine: "I've seen with my own eyes how the music industry has changed so dramatically over the last 10 years. In that, while it used to be all about trying to find that first hit single and then building up anticipation by coming with a second single before releasing your album, to me it feels the whole way in which listeners receive music nowadays is very different. To where today you're almost in a place where you can just be constantly putting singles out. Because people now - through I-Tunes and other media platforms - tend to put their own compilations together. So I felt, instead of coming off the back of a 'Greatest Hits' record with a new album full of original compositions, I'd go with a project that had me singing classic songs I'd always loved. You know, at a time when you can pick and choose the songs you like, I thought 'Why not hedge my bets by letting people hear songs they already know, but with me giving them a slightly different interpretation and twist?'"
  • The chorus of this track samples The Four Tops' 1967 hit "Standing In The Shadows Of Love." David told Blues and Soul magazine about his version: "'Standing In The Shadows…' was a song I loved from back in the day. But I'd always felt the verses could have been, not necessarily stronger, but - in terms of my own interpretation - could have been driven in a slightly different way. So that was why that song in particular was one that I didn't actually do as a straight cover for this new album. I basically wrote the melody and lyrics of the verses from scratch, while maintaining the hook of the original chorus, which was always very strong. Then sonically I decided to make it slightly more contemporary, with the production being a bit more four-to-the-floor and more in-tune to what's going on today. Because, with it now leading into summer, a lot of the dance/house-driven tracks seem to be very popular at this time of year."


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