I'll Be Home Soon

Album: A Whole Lot More to Me (2016)
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  • This country-infused ballad was written by Justin Ebach, Steven Dale Jones and John King. It finds Craig Morgan assuring his lover that he'll soon be home to take the weight off her shoulders. The track allows the singer's soulful side to come through. "I'm a soul guy - a rhythm and blues kind of country singer," Morgan told Billboard magazine. "I feel like this song allows me to do that vocally. It's a very sexy song, the kind of song I think every guy should be willing to say to his girl and I think every girl kind of wants to hear this from her guy."
  • Morgan has the military in mind when he performs the tune. "I can't help but think of the men and women that are serving when I do this song," he said, "After having spent so much time with them over the years, I know how important that coming home is, and that song just kind of talks about that feeling you get when you hear those words."


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