One Last Breath

Album: Weathered (2001)
Charted: 47 6
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  • In this song, the person that Scott Stapp sings about thinks that his life is over, but with his last breath he's trying to hold on to life and the things he loves about it. He's going nowhere in his life, and he's trying to escape. Later in the song, his outlook gets even darker ("now that it's over"), and he's reflecting on the mistakes he made and crying out to heaven for help. In the last part of the song he has found the strength to go on ("But I still believe there's something left for me"), and even though he's down to his last breath, he still thinks that his life will get better. >>
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    Anders - Skagen, Denmark
  • Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti wrote the music for their songs. He told us, "'One Last Breath' is one of my favorite guitar lines, so it's one of my favorite musical compositions for Creed. It's a song that turned out to be one of our biggest songs we ever put out. I think it had some of the most views we've ever had on YouTube, so it's a very important one for the Creed camp."

    This video is indeed one of the band's most popular. Directed by Dave Meyers, it features some fancy compositing, putting the band in a fantastical landscape of cliffs and ruins. Meyers also did the "With Arms Wide Open" video, as well as videos for Missy Elliott ("Work It"), Pink ("So What"), and many others.

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  • Fuzz from Jellico TnSo I'm wrong to assume it was for Alice in Chains, Layne Staley?
  • Dave from PhHold me now im 6ft from the edge thinking maybe 6ft aint so far down. - he's talking about the grave. 6ft is the standard depth of grave and he's speaking to God/Angels
  • Alvin from The PhilippinesThis is just one of those Creed hits that is out of the ordinary. Creed is truly a unique rock band of their generation.
  • Coconut Joe from UsThe song could be left open for interpretation.

    Mental illness and suicidal thoughts obviously reaching out for help from a loved one.

    However I’m 6 feet from the edge meaning 6 ft away?
    Maybe a manic depressive psychotic episode mistaking distance away from the edge from distance to the ground.

    Idk just a thought.

    Much love.
  • Be from UsaIts about an affair he had and stooping to suicidal threats to get his girl back. This whole album is about him on tour and the feelings he gets. Its really messed up if you think about it. Grow up if she leaves be adult, you got a kid or not just do resort to low thing like threats of body harm death to keep someone oppressive humans. Its a song about him cheating on his wife and then realizing how much she means to him after she tells him leave the other lady or we are done. Its really clear. He got lost in someone elses body they were great at sex. And his wife is all we are done he is like but the cash. You p*&&^ is so amazing but I needed help on this one. Sad eyes follow him cuz shes like you cheated mmmeh ...something left for you n me... This whole album is so not christian but a bunch of folks think for means something other than because.
  • Desruc from TampaI think:
    This song is about a guy who thinks his life had led to nowhere and he has done nothing good with his life (“It seems I found the road to nowhere) and is struggling to hold on to the things that he thinks is safe and good but all of his mistakes are coming to his mind and he doubts whether he is a good person or not(“Please come now, I think I'm falling, I'm holding on to all I think is safe”). He wants to be saved but he doesn’t know how to change (“And I'm trying to escape”) and he is suffering with his guilt and other dark emotions and wants God to save him from his doubts and struggle. But he thinks God isn’t doing anything to help and is angry at God and wants to yell at him (“I yelled back when I heard the thunder(thunder being a sign of the Power of God”)). Then he is just spiraling down, doubting even the good things he done and thinking God no longer likes him (“I thought I found the road to somewhere, somewhere in his grace”). He is only thinking about all the bad things he done (“Reflecting on all my mistakes”). Then he is even more depressed and wants to just end his life to escape the suffering and doubt(“maybe 6 feet ain’t so far down). He starts to get better and starts to see the effect he has on the people that care about him (“Sad eyes follow me”). But instead of feeling even worse he realizes that there are people that care about him and are there for him, he knows he cares about them and needs to be there for them. He realizes that this is a purpose for him from God and he feels hope because he can’t die and abandon that purpose(“but I still believe there is something left for me (to complete)”). He wants God to come to him so he can repair his faith (“So please come stay with me (God), Cause I still think there is something left for you and me (our relationship and faith isn’t gone).”) and that’s how the story ends.
  • Scott from Jackson, AkCreed is awesome. No matter what anyone else thinks, when I listen to the song 'Higher" it reminds me of heaven. Music is what you make it. Can't wait till I meet my Lord and savior in heaven.
  • Garrett from Sumrall, Msi think that something tragic has happened in his life and he is freaking out and thinking about killing hisself. then later in the song he starts thinking of the good things he has in his life. and he is calling out to heaven to help him. and this is an excellent song
  • Mark from Dartmouth, NsI believe the protagonist is contemplating suicide:

    'Maybe six feet ain't so far down' = maybe death is close/desirable.

    By the time we get to the end of the song, he decides to keep on living:

    ''Cause I still believe there is something left for you and me.'

  • Thomas from Kaneohe, HiWhen I first heard this song, I thought, "Wow what a cool song!" I didn't know that this song had a deep meaning to it until about 2 years later. Then I started actually listening to this so I could try to understand what he meant. I came to the conclusion that he did something against God, and feels immensely regretful.
    He found the road to nowhere, he did an act against God and feels repentant, "I thought I found the road to somewhere, somewhere in his grace." He can't shake the feeling. He tries to seek comfort, but it doesn't change the fact that he did something wrong, and that it disappoints those he affected, "Sad eyes follow me." He feels so bad, he wants to die. He gives up on life, and sees that six feet under is not as far as he suspected to relieve himself of this burden, "maybe six feet, ain't so far down." Putting things behind him, he still believes that there's something left for him, "But I still believe there's something left for me."
    Mrs. Lee FTW!
  • Tom from South Bend, InThis an easy song to figure out.... This is about a man that has great faith in God, but is being in a state if self-doubt. He feels as if he isn't good or holy enough to deserve God's love and would rather die because of his own "sins" which he feels are unforgivable, even in God's eyes. He feels it would be easier to die than to change his ways.
  • Samuel from Singapore, SingaporeThis is song is actually about how Creed went to a U2 concert. Scott Stapp got so starstruck from being in one of the seats directly above the band ("Oh my god, I'm six feet from The Edge!")that he wanted to jump down ("Maybe six feet ain't so far down..."). His bandmates however wisely restrained him, but decided to sack him after that. There you go. The real reason Stapp left Creed. :D
  • Trenton from Flatwoods, KyI think that Creed, or at least Scott Stapp, believes in the Christian faith, but he hasn't committed to it. i would also like to say that this is one of my favorite songs, it really is beautiful.
  • Gabreya from Pine Bluff, AkThis is one of the rock songs that makes me cry. It's also one of the two Creed songs that makes me emotional. The other is "Is This The End" from the "Scream 3" soundtrack. Literally, the song sounds painful. Physically and emotionally, it's like your heart and your insides are hurting when you listen to this song because it has a sad meaning.
    I love the music video. It was very creative and lived up to the meaning of the song. I've recorded it from VH1 like six years ago. It's still great.
  • Nathan from Sherwood, Orwhen he says hes six feet from the edge, hes talking about how far he is from diving into his cousins pool. Now everytime when i swim at my cousins house, i think about this song, and sometimes i forget to hold my breathe. One time i drowned 10 feet down, and my mom had to come and save me. Whdn i got to the top, my uncle jumped into the pool and broke my nose. it was my worst birthday ever
  • Garyl from Tagum City, United StatesI luv this song much much much much much.......... i luv u CREED. I Lyk the lyrics of the song very much.. LUV U UL muah. GOD BLESS..

    Philippines TAGUM CITY
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThe beginning is sort of calm, yet it has this feeling that sounds like looking back and not wanting to move forward. It almost has this one-dimensional emptiness to it, but then the song moves into the desperate depth it actually has.
    I think the message of the song is to just go on through life. If it's bad enough that you're going to end it all, then it will get better, and there's no telling how much better. Everyone and everything is related, and through death and life things are changed.
    I don't see the song as particularly religious, but I do believe it hangs on to something higher- everything is connected; the joy and misfortune in your life time is fleeting, yet it affects everything to come, so you have to go on. And there has to be some motivation, something to hang onto that gives you security.
    I don't find this security in any God or higher power, in fact I don't find any security at all. I just know that I have to keep going and maybe I can help change some things for the better. If I die before that happens, I know I'll have done all I could, and maybe I've affected some people positively, maybe even given them the will to live along the way. sorry to ramble, but I get a lot of thoughts from this song.
  • Michelle from Anaheim, CaI LUV, LUV, LUV this song, and the meaning. I think that a lot of people can relate.
    This song reminds me to not give up, and with God there is never nothing left, becuase He has everything planned for us.
  • Akhil from New Delhi, Indiacreed was one of the very few music groups that was giving something meaningful to people. I was very disappointed to see them disbanded. I thought, in this inhumane world creed was doing a good job of inspiring people to live peacefully. There music was very matured & could appeal to people of all age groups unlike these pop idols. Even after the band is no more i would like to see Scott stapp picking up his solo career in his trademark "creed" style music & deep true lyrics. "LONG LIVE ROCK 'N' ROLL & LONG LIVE CREED".
  • Akhil from New Delhi, Indiamy first creed song was "faceless man". Before that i had never listened to creed. I was really spellbound by the intensity that the song picks up in the middle. Scott stapp's voice is really complemening the meaning of the song. Faceless man speaks of Scott stapp's encounter with the man who has suffered a lot during his lifespan. This person teaches Scott Stapp to always follow right path in life and thus the song is definitely a preaching for life.
  • Dude from Tx, TxI thought the drummer's name was Scott Philips, not Ryan Philips. Where did you get Ryan? And how did you end up with Higher and One Last Breath on the same disc? Higher is from Human Clay. OLB is from Weathered. I can imitate Stapp! Just sing like Celine Dion in a male voice!
  • Paula from Houston, TxOne more comment: Scott says that "Higher" is not about heaven, or God. I might buy that story were it not for the juxtaposition of the two songs "One Last Breath" and "Higher". "Higher" comes right after "One last breath" on the CD. OLB is about desperation, "Higher" is about salvation. "Your love takes me higher..." Yeah, right Scott. It's not about God.
  • Justanothercristian from Richmond, Vacreed is a band that really needs to find God. Scott said he has found crist but he was asked by Christian Music Today:

    So, are you now a "Christian artist," or an artist who happens to be a Christian?

    Stapp: I'm an artist who's a Christian, because I don't write music to be evangelical. Now, if that happens, it happens. My dad's a dentist, and he's a Christian. Now, does he put in Christian fillings? No, that's just part of his three-dimensional life. Now, there are people that are Christian artists, because they have a purpose to be evangelical for Christ. I don't feel I've been called to that yet. Now, that could change. There's no telling what kind of call God will put on my life.

    I dont think this is right to be a christian and then write and play worldy songs. but he knows that he has wronged and i think that we should pray for him and the rest of the band that they will find and continue their relationship with crist.

  • Chelsea from Kitchener, Canadai have never heard this song lol
  • Gabe from Utica, NyI never really knew Creed that well before I heard this song. When I heard this song I was amazed. This is the song that got me into Creed. Now I'm a big fan. Unfortunately they broke up and now Brian Marshall(bass guitarist), Mark Tremonti(guitarist), Ryan Phillips(drums) and their new singer Myles Kennedy made a new christian rock band called "Alter Bridge" I'm getting their album the day it comes out.(10th of August 2004). Anyway, I love this song. It's amazing and so is the video.
  • Kristen from Campbellville, CanadaI always heard they were a christian band and I thought they had mentioned it several times, are you sure?
  • Steve from Cheshire, CtLisa, the song your looking for is "My Own Prison", from the first Creed album, My Own Prison(yes, its the title track). Hope this helps you an your husband.
  • Lisa from Raleigh, Nchey! I really need the words to this song. My husband is in rehab right now and had written down the lyrics that he could remember from a Creed song he heard twice and said it really touched him and asked if I would track down the song for him. it was something about "court is in session" and "I can feel my body burning..." the comments sound like this is the one I'm looking for!?! any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanx!!
  • Toby from Burlington, IaJust one note, the members of Creed do not believe in organized religions. I can see how people would wonder if they are a christian band but no.
  • Abby from Toledo, OhThis song is awesome. It expresses how so many people feel on a daily basis.
    However, there is hope, and it's found in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I think Scott Stapp realizes that.
  • Michael from Baltimore, Mdi think that this is one of the best songs they have and no other band in the world could sing it
    then scott stapp.
  • Anthony from Elmira, NyScott Stapp is desperate for help. He's talking about being so close to the edge, but with his last breath he's asking for help. He's asking for someone to convince him that he doesn't have to give up even though he's so close to it. He doesn't want to give up, but he doesn't think there's another option. So that's why he wants help, because without it, he can only see the world as it is right then and there when he feels like there's nothing left. Towards the end of the song he realizes that there's something left for him, so he's going to try again. Creed never gives a specific meaning to their songs because they want it to touch people in different ways. I think a message that he's trying to convey to the people listening is that you can make a lot of mistakes in life and be close to the edge, but you can always look for help and start your life over, but to be careful because you're never far from that edge.
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