Someday Never Comes

Album: Mardi Gras (1972)
Charted: 25


  • This was CCR's last Top 40 single, and was also the last single to be released while the group existed. "Someday Never Comes" (#25 in 1972) described the singer's self-consolation as he tries to accept the breakup of a marriage and loss of access to his son. It was painfully clear that John Fogerty was referring to Creedence Clearwater Revival.
  • This describes the singer's self-consolation as he tries to accept the breakup of a marriage and loss of access to his son. It was painfully clear that John Fogerty was referring to Creedence Clearwater Revival. >>
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  • John Fogerty: "Every parent tells their child 'someday.' 'Gee, daddy, can we go fishing?' 'Yeah, someday.' My parents divorced when I was young and I ended up divorcing from my first wife. The song is basically me talking about how it happened to me when I was young and here I go doing the same damn thing. It's sad. I wanted to express what a kid feels, 'Someday Never Comes.' I wished we had played the music a little stronger, I wished I really would have gotten what I wanted." >>
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  • Et from OrrstralyiaOne of the saddest songs of all time for me. It should of fittingly been the LAST SONG on the MARDI GRAS album,
    their ( CCR ) epitaph, maybe even the whole world/mankind the way it's going.
  • Paun from Badovinci, YugoslaviaYou know what's , let say, interesting: john in song says :" Think it was September, year when i went away" , and by that , he is in some way predicted Tom's (his brothers's ) death. Tom died in September. I think.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaI love Fogherty's voice on this one, it's very pure. I've never experienced my Mum and Dad breaking up, but I can see what you mean Andy.
  • Andy from B'ham, AlMy mom and dad are divorced as well. And now my mom is married to another man! I highly doubt that my dad would ever seek anyone else to replace my mom, though. My mom wasn't thinking the right way at all when she walked out. The day STILL hasn't come for me to understand her. But I'm over it at least. After all, it's not my problem. I'm a man now anyway.
  • Jason from State Of Fitz, NjI can't listen to this song, it makes me think to much of my relationship with my father
  • Mark from Twin Cities Metro Area, MnI've been there too. Looking back it's still painful.
  • Zorro from Santa Barbara, Cavery fitting for the veterans on this veterans day 2007.semper fi
  • Elaine from Spokane, WaI think this song definately captures the feeling that a little kid feels when his/her parents divorce. When John sings the line, "And I still see him standing, trying to be a man," it gets me every time. I love this song.
  • John from Kalamazoo, Kysomeday can come, or it can't. This Song is still awesome
  • Joe from Columbus, OhWhen my father died four years ago, I used the lyrics to the song as part of his memorial. It will always have a special place in my heart, because I could identify with the lyrics.
  • Clarke from Pittsburgh, PaOne of those rare moments where you can more or less hear the group (CCR) ending between the grooves of the record, metaphorically speaking.
  • Clapton from San Fran , CaThis is a truly meaningful song, if you listen to lyrics you will find yourself lost in john's pain.
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