Wrote a Song for Everyone

Album: Green River (1969)


  • Fogerty assumes a character in this song, but in many ways it relates to him:

    Wrote a song for everyone
    Wrote a song for truth

    He grew up middle class and never spent time on the county welfare line, but always empathized with the downtrodden, giving them voice in his songs.
  • "Wrote a Song for Everyone" was first released on August 3, 1969, on Creedence Clearwater Revival's Green River. At just under 5 minutes, it's the longest song on the album. The song was released again in 1986 on Volume 2 of the Chronicle compilation album. In 2013, CCR frontman John Fogerty released a new version of the song on his ninth solo studio album, also titled Wrote a Song for Everyone. This version features Miranda Lambert and Tom Morello.
  • Fogerty wishes he'd recorded the original version of the song differently. An infamous perfectionist, he detects a "quirkiness" in it that bothers him (though no one else seems to notice).
  • Fogerty destroyed all copies of the first version of the song because he never wanted any of his outtakes to make it into the public's hands. This has been a regular practice of the perfectionist throughout his career.
  • Jeff Tweedy of Wilco has cited this as a song that had a profound influence on him. A huge Fogerty fan, Wilco credits him with forming the foundation of the Americana genre.


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