Album: Talento de Barrio (2008)
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  • This is the first single by Puerto Rico reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee (real name Raymond Ayala) from the movie soundtrack to the motion picture Talento de Barrio. The song features different musical styles, and it is influenced by Latin pop, dance-pop, pop rap, dance, hip-hop and pop, as well as Latin and dance rhythms. The sound was a surprise for many people who identified Daddy Yankee with pure reggaeton. He told Billboard Magazine: "It's difficult to classify that song, and the proof is that it's already being played on thousands of radio stations, whether they're pop, hip-hop or reggaeton. We made a fusion using Latin music, hip-hop, electro, and dance, we used so many things in that song that it came out as something really innovative, totally new. Every time I release a new single, it's always the same phenomenon - it happened with 'La Gasoline' 'Rompe', 'Impacto.' People say, 'But what is this? What is Yankee up to now? This is a musical revolution.' Then they get it and understand the message, that it is an innovation and that I'm an artist who doesn't just stick to any one genre."


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