Twist of Cain

  • This song was originally written and recorded while the band was known as Samhain. It was intended to be on an album which was to be known as Samhain Grim. When producer Rick Rubin signed the band to his newly named Def American Records, Glenn Danzig changed the name of the band as well as the first album to simply Danzig.
  • In the chorus of the song, the voice of Metallica's James Hetfield can clearly be heard. Hetfield was a huge Misfits/Samhain fan and was happy to help out with vocals on a couple of songs on the album. However, due to his contractual obligations to Elektra Records, he could not be credited. >>
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    Jeff - Austin, TX, for above 2
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  • Jeff from Austin, Tx"Possession" is the other song on that album that Hetfield sang on. It's even more obvious on that one. It's a great song too.
  • Billy from Cresco, PaDamn...I had no idea that was hetfield
  • Baldrick from Beograd, Yugoslaviayeah, Hetfield's obviously a fan - noticed how much Enter Sandman riff sounds alike to this one?
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